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The Smith and Wesson Model 29 is a double action six shot revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge. The Model 29 is produced and manufactured by the United States company of Smith and Wesson.

The Smith and Wesson Model 29 is a double action six shot revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge. The Model 29 is produced and manufactured by the United States company of Smith and Wesson.

The Smith and Wesson Model 29 was made infamous and is still frequently associated with the Dirty Harry series of movies starring the venerable Clint Eastwood.

The Model 29, based on S&W's N (large) revolver frame, was first designed and introduced in 1955. The revolver remained primarily the province of handgun enthusiasts, some hunters and law enforcement personnel until 1971, when Clint Eastwood made it infamous as "the most powerful handgun in the world" in the timeless movie classic Dirty Harry. Although it was not the most powerful handgun in the world as stated throughout the movie, the S&W Model 29 was among the most powerful handguns at the time. After the movie's release Smith & Wesson was unable to keep up with the demand for the Model 29.

The revolver will also chamber and fire .44 Special cartridges, as the .44 Magnum was designed and developed from the .44 Special. The Magnum case is slightly longer than the other model specifically to prevent Magnum rounds from being chambered and fired in handguns chambered for the .44 Special.

In the late 1980s, Smith and Wesson discontinued production of numerous models of revolvers, thus the Model 29 was no longer produced, however recently the model has been produced again.

Other variants

* The Model 29 was available with 4", 6-1/2", 8-3/8". and 10 5/8" barrel lengths as standard over the counter models. Other barrel lengths were available either by custom built gunsmiths or by special order from Smith & Wesson's Custom Shop.

* The Model 29 was also available to be purchased with either blued or nickel-plated finishes.

* The Model 629 was introduced in 1978, it was designed as a stainless steel version of the Model 29.

* On January 26, 2006 Smith & Wesson announced the 50th Anniversary Model 29. This revolver was identical to the previous models except for the gold inlaid trademark on the side cover and the new Internal Lock system.

* On January 1, 2007 Smith & Wesson announced the reissue of the classic Model 29 as an engraved model in S&W's Classics line.

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Smith and Wesson Model 629Smith & Wesson Model 629

The Smith and Wesson Model 629 is a new stainless steel version of the S&W Model 29 double action, six shot revolver, chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge.

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Dirty Harry

If it's good enough for Clint Eastwood it's good enough for me.

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Model 29

Also, the 29-1 and -2 have the pinned barrels and recessed cylinders, and the firing pin on the hammer. Some suggest the quality is higher with the older models, and some (mostly Ruger fans) say the older models can't handle the hot loads. I have not seen anything substantial on that and feel it is unfounded. Also, the 29-5 and up have the locks on them which I personally don't like, but have heard nothing substantial on the mechanism malfunctioning either. I love the Model 29, it is and always will be my favorite gun!!! I highly recommend them to anyone who loves accurate, powerful weapons with beauty to boot!!!!!!!!

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