Solo Carry 9mm

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When someone tells you that a 17oz. 9mm feels like a 1911, generally you aren’t going to believe them. When that someone is Kimber, you kind of have to. This is a company that lives and breaths 1911s, and when you look hard at this little tiny “Solo Carry 9mm” you can see that the grip angle is in fact a direct descendant of the 1911 feel. Only two fingers are going to fit around this little guy, but only two fit around the Colt Mustang 380, so there is precedent.

The details in the video leave out some very important points. This is a striker fired gun with an aluminum frame, stainless steel slide and one constant single action trigger pull. Issues like reset and and recoil will have to wait for a full review of the gun, but starting with the fact that it is a Kimber gives you a good idea that it is probably a winner. They don’t do a lot wrong.

One of the things I like about the gun is that it has an ambidextrous safety and magazine release in the same places that you find them on a 1911. If dropping this safety is as natural as it is on a 1911, all those 1911 fanatics out there will have themselves a new pocket pistol.

Run the numbers on this gun and it could be that Kimber is right that the Solo is in a class by itself. It is 17oz. empty, 3.9” tall, 5.5” wide, 1.2” thick (including the safeties) and holds 6 + 1 of 9mm. If it really also feels like a 1911 and the controls work like a 1911 I don’t know that there will be a gun on the market that will compare for firepower and usability. The MSRP is $725, and best in class is relative to price of course. But compared to the other high end pocket pistols out there I don’t think it will have an equal. I look forward to shooting this great looking little gun from Kimber.

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Solo Carry 9mm Info

Single action
Sub Compact
Barrel Length:
Aluminum Finish: Kim Pro II
6 Rounds
Right Hand
Fixed low profile, Radius (inches): 4.4

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Kimber Solo Carry 9mm
Kimber Solo Carry 9mm
Solo Carry 9mm Comparison to PM9
Solo Carry 9mm Comparison to Springfield EMP

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