Winchester 1300

This gun is among the quickest operating shotguns with slide action in the world. This gun can fire three shots in only .56 seconds and is rightly valued for its high speed and dexterity.

This gun is among the quickest operating shotguns with slide action in the world. This gun can fire three shots in only .56 seconds and is rightly valued for its high speed and dexterity.

Winchester 1300 is an example of pump action type firearm and is extremely popular among law enforcers, hunters and sports shooters.

This gun is a 12 gauge and uses a 76mm or 3 inches chambers for eight very highly effective rounds which are all accurate up to even 100 yards. Its front site is brass bead and it groves along with the receiver assist before the firing for alignment. The barrel is 22 inch long and has a very high quality of cylinder choke. This gun possesses a basic kind of cross bolt trigger type lock safety in the front side of the guard for trigger.

This gun is made of light weight alloy material which ensures that the gun can be carried very easily and has a weight of around 3.06 kg and is extremely fast swinging. Its four lug rotary kind of lock system is quite similar to AR-15 and this can lock the chamber of barrel firmly, and thus traps the pressure during the peak of any firing cycle. Then the bolt unlocks itself and utilizes the residual pressure in traveling rearwards. This dual action makes sure of smooth chambering and also prevents from binding.

A wide array of Winchester 1300 guns is available, along with some specialized guns for both, the police department and for hunters. Winchester Deer Guns possess an extremely tight lock up in their rotary bolts and this secures the available shell in chamber for a very powerful and extremely accurate firing.

The Winchester 1300 gun is extremely rugged. The cylinder kind bore barrel is almost 18-inch and has an anti glare metal surface along with a light weight composite stock and forearm. Full stock type version is available in the 12 inch and the 20 inch gauge and it comes along a fiber optic sight. One can also chose a pistol grip kind of model, or even a composite model which is a combination of both and has a nice pistol grip and the full stock.

Any experience user will appreciate the characteristics of the good class of Winchester 1300. The price of the weapon is completely justified according to its features. It is definitely one of the extremely user friendly, or easy to use weapon available in the market.

On January 16, 2006, US Repeating arms closed down it New Haven plant where the Winchester guns were produced for over 140 years. This led to discontinuation of Model 94 rifle, Model 70 rifle and Model 1300 shotgun. But on August 15, 2006, Olin Corporation, which owns the Winchester trademarks, entered a license agreement with Browning and the Winchester rifles and shotguns were manufactured again.


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Hello I have a win/1300 bought new years back ,still I have not fired it.I did add the mag ext for total of 7 shell,the mag tube has a very close blue metal look like the other meatl parts.It is all stock looking ,it is made to shoot 3" slugs has 22"barrel. maybe in perfect shape. the action racks so smooth .It is my house gun but it stays oiled and resting in its gun sock tube. I take great care of it because I know it will return the favor if I ever need it to .

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Winchester Defender

I owned this shotgun. I agree, it's one of the finest weapons in the world.

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I own one too

This is a high performance, reliable and easy to handle piece. I keep mine loaded with Federal 00 Buck shot pus 5 more on a stock bandoleer.
I am going to go for an extended tube for 7 in + 1 in chamber. More than enough for most situations. Mine is locked and loaded, safety off at all times unles grankids are here. Then it is locked up during the day and out when I go to bed. I have had mine for over 10 years.


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I have a 1300 Do you need the bird barrel to shoot 00 buck ?

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