Creating, Editing & Organizing Content


Users on Guns Lot have the ability to contribute their own content to the site. Depending on your current level you will have permission to create different types of content. Every piece of content on Guns Lot is called a "node". To create a new node simply click on the "create" link at the top of each page on this site.


Each node has a title and a body. Certain nodes may also have additional fields for things like files and categories. Once a node is created you can always go back and edit it by clicking the "edit" link at the top of the page.

Parenting Nodes

Some nodes may allow for other nodes to be "parented" to them. This basically means that a node can have other nodes related to it. For instance, you could have an article that also has 3 images and 1 video parented to it. The images and videos would be "children" of the "parent" object.

There are a few ways to parent nodes. The best way is to visit that actual node page. Here you will find tabs such as "View", "Pictures", "Videos". Simply click the tab that you want to add content to (say Pictures). Here there will be a sub-tab that says "Add New Pictures". By clicking this link you will be able to create a new Image node that is automatically parented to the main node.

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