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by captmax

Benelli m4 is it worth the 1600+ they ask for it?

the Benelli m4 is it worth the 1600+ that they ask for it or is it just paying for the name... i dont know much about this gun... but i feel more than 900 for a shotgun is ridiculous for exsample ...

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Benelli Nova. 3 1/2" mag chambered. 26" 12 GA pumpRecoil solutions for my Benelli

I own a Benelli Nova, 3 1/2in chambered. This has some big kick to it and even though I don't use 3 1/2in shells for skeet, it still have heavy recoil. I am not about to shoot 100 rounds from this ...

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Benelli Nova. 3 1/2" mag chambered. 26" 12 GA pumpCamo pattern

As some of you have read I got my Benelli Shotgun about a week ago. I am now cleaning it after firing some rounds and I ...

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Benelli NovaAdvice on shotguns

I am getting a shotgun for the only 3 purposes. Skeet, Pheasant and Turkey. I have a Mossburg 500 so I don't need that suggestion. I am looking at a Benelli Nova. Here are my needs: 12/20 Gauge ...

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Benelli Nova PicturesBenelli Nova

The Benelli Nov is a popular, standard pump action shotgun, frequently used by defense enthusiasts and hunters.

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Beneili Super 90 M4Benelli Super 90 M4

The Benelli M1014 also known as the Benelli Super 90 M4 Combat Shotgun was produced and manufactured by Benelli ARmi S.P.A. The shotgun is currently under extensive use by the United States Armed Forces as their "Joint Service Combat Shotgun".

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