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St JM Browning

Check this out....

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Browning HI Power what do you think?

who has shoot a browning hi power? and what did you think about it?

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John Moses Browning (January 23 1855 – November 26, 1926)

Browning's first In 1878, Browning designed a falling-block single shot rifle, for which he was granted a patent the following year, at age 24. Browning commenced making the rifles with ...

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One word - Holymotherfuckingshit (<-- Homage to Vaq)

OK, my brothers (and sisters, too), forgive me, for I deserve my man card revoked. I just squealed like a 15 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert (for my older bros, replace with Beatles). But ...

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Church of JMBHappy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mr. Browning, happy birthday to you! Happy 157th birthday to the most prolific gun designer/innovator of all time. I dedicate this thread to the patron saint ...

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by samD

Plunger Rod Plunger rod

I'm looking for a replacement Plunger rod for a 1978 BPR-.22 cal. rifle. I've been told to cut down a BL .22 cal. rod. But need to what model?

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Find Parts.

Looking for a firing pin assemble for a 1978 Browning BPR .22 cal? The rifle was made in Japan for 2 years 1977-78. The rifle is known as the Trombone.

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Henry .22hello I'm new to guns and shooting

I recently purchased a Henry 22 carbine rifle and a browning pump shot gun looking for a handgun for the range and personal protection got any suggestions?

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by Lyle Hutchins 1
by Lyle Hutchins 1

Browning is one of the most recognized brand names in the industry. Spanning to more than 100 years, the name Browning is now associated with highly efficient firearms for civilian and military purposes.

The company started in 1880 when John Moses Browning established his first gun factory that manufactures single shot rifles. The single shot rifle was invented by John Browning in 1878 as a gift to his brother. Because of the efficiency of the rifle, the company became popular which led to additional patented innovations including:

  • Bolt action repeater
  • gas operated guns
  • semi-automatic pistol
  • pump action shotgun

John Browning died in 1926, leaving behind a very successful company because of the innovations in the industry. The company is currently known as Browning Arms Company that manufactures guns for civilian and military use. The company is under Fabrique Nationale since 1977. Although Fabrique Nationale is a Belgian company, the main office is still in Utah where most of the current products are manufactured. A museum dedicated to John Browning and the development of his patents is also located in Utah.

Winchester Guns

The single shot rifle gun developed by John Browning became Winchester Model 1885. During its production, the company is in partnership with another popular gun maker, Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The first repeating shotgun that made it to commercial production was also developed with the partnership with the same company and it was named as Winchester Model 1887. The pump action shotgun developed by Browning was commercially called as Winchester Model 1898.

Machine Guns

Although Browning is expanding their operations to civilian firearms for hunting purposes, equipments for firearms and even in golf, John Browning and his company is always associated machine guns. This was only one of the many contributions of John Browning to the industry but it made the most impact simply because of its firepower.

M1917 Machine Gun

This type of machine gun is basically a glorified version of the 1901 automatic recoil gun. The machine gun became well known during the First World War. The original design of Browning has the capacity pf 450 rounds per minute. Browning tested this gun in front of the military – continuously firing it for 48 minutes without a single glitch. The gun weights around 47 kilos which is relatively heavy compared to other Browning machine guns.

M1919 Machine Gun

One of the most recognized types of machine gun, the M1919 is a very versatile machine gun. Featuring .30 Caliber and weighs only 14 kgs, the machine gun could be used for different purposes including as an anti-aircraft gun. Different variants of the M1919 are still in use depending on the manufacturing country.

M2 Machine Gun

Used primarily for airplanes and vehicles, the M2 is a powerful .50 caliber machine gun with firing capacity of 450 rounds per minute and even more when used in airplanes. It’s a little bit heavy (58 kgs with tripod) but this doesn’t matter as this machine gun is usually used by airplanes and vehicles. The gun is controlled through a special handle for two handed use.

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