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bushmaster ACR... anyone?

Curious if anyone has any experience with the bushmaster acr... good or bad, I havn't heard anything about it.

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Bushmaster ACR

I found a Bushmaster ACR at my local range do any of you guys have any insight on this one read some reviews and they left me at a 50/50 i love the look and the feel but just wondering if the ...

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by lottou812
by traderjac
by traderjac

My new ACR vs. AR15 vs. AK47

Alright, as most of you know, I'm a new guy to this forum AND to firearms in general. So please take my observations with a grain of salt. I already owned an AR15 (DPMS M4) and just got a new ACR ...

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by smithw45

Upgraded AR15AR Upgrades - Comments

So I am starting to save up money to upgrade my AR. Currently it is a stock Bushmaster O.R.C with a Bushnell 3x9 scope on in. My first upgrade is going to be a tactical charge handle, probably a ...

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AR Tactical Charge Handles

I've been considering buy one of the over-sized/tactical charge handles for my Bushmaster OCR. The 4x9 scope I am currently using makes it incredibly awkward to charge the bolt and it is starting ...

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Ar 15 A2Bushmaster AR15

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Carbon 15 9mm LE PistolCarbon 15 9MM LE Pistol

Designed specifically for Law Enforcement and Military applications, the Bushmaster Carbon 15 Law Enforcement Pistol combines lightweight Carbon 15 molded Receivers, a versatile Optics Rail, and a Six Position Telestock for compact carry size and maneuverability in tight confines.

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Bushmaster M4

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Bushmaster is a US based firearms manufacturer established in 1978. Although the company is relatively new compared to other manufacturers in the country, their range of products is one of the most extensive. The company is well known for their rifles manufactured for military and civilian purposes. Their expertise in rifles is well noted as they are now the top producer of AR15 rifles in the US. Their rifles are also available in nearly 50 countries. Although they have aggressively expanded to carbines and pistols, the rifle is still their most demanded type of gun.

Civilian Rifles

The company produces two types of firearms for civilian use. The first type of firearms is for security purposes. Some of the firearms in this category is the Carbon 15 9mm Carbine and the Carbon 15 Type 97S Pistol. These firearms are very powerful but still light enough to be handled by women. The recoil is controlled which makes it easy to shoot. This type of firearms is a little bit bulky but since it’s made of carbon, it can withstand long storage time and its firing ability is the same the day it was first used. The 9mm carbine is very popular because of the familiarity of the design as well as firepower.

The second type of firearms for civilian use is for hunting and recreation. The recreation rifles of Bushmaster are well known for their long distance shooting. The notable firearm in this category is the Bushmaster ORC or Optics Ready Carbine. Packing the power of regular carbine, the optional optics ensures accurate shooting. The hunting rifles of Bushmaster are well known for their versatility. Parts of Bushmaster hunting firearms could be easily changed. It is said that a hunter could change from small varmint hunting to large hunting format in less than 15 seconds. A popular Bushmaster gun in this category is the Bushmaster Predator. It has the looks of a regular rifle but has the versatility any hunter looks for in a hunting gun. The gun could also withstand different weather conditions that this might be the only gun the hunter would need for a very long time.

Military and Law Enforcement

Bushmaster’s most extensive line of products is for military and law enforcement purposes. Their 9mm pistol is a very popular firearm in law enforcement. As it is made of carbon, the users are assured of a lightweight gun with the same firepower. The rifles for law enforcement come in different forms. From the traditional M4 carbines to the radical .450 rifles and carbine, Bushmaster offers high caliber rifles for law enforcement.

The most powerful firearms of Bushmaster are manufactured for military purposes. Reliability, durability and accuracy will always be the description of the firearms developed by Bushmaster for the military. Weapons for military use are also lightweight enabling the users hours of handling without stress. The M16 Rifle and the M4A3 Carbine is very popular in this category. These firearms are often used with Trijicon ACOG sight for increased accuracy of the firearms.

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