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CZ 75bCZ 75

Had my uncle ask me today about a CZ-75. I told him I dont know anything about CZ's but would ask you all. So whats the good word on the CZ 75? Price wise? Reliabilty anything that should be noted ...

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by killfordoe

CZ 40 B Holster question

Hello everyone, Been awhile since i have been by. I have bought a CZ 40 B and am looking for somewhere to buy a good holster for daily carry. So far i havent found anything for the 40 B. Does ...

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by Ishootdaily
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CZ 70 / vz 70 PicturesCZ 70 / VZ 70

The CZ 70 or vz. 70 is a variant of the CZ 50 or vz. 50 with some minor cosmetic changes made in and around 1970.

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CZ 50 PicturesCZ 50 / VZ 50

The vz. 50 or vzor 50(also commonly known as the CZ 50) is a Czech Republic semi-automatic pistol. Vz. 50 moniker is an abbreviated form of the more official Czech "vzor 50" name (model 50).

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CZ 110CZ 110

The CZ 110 is pistol utilizing a recoil operated, locked breech that features a significantly short recoiling barrel that effectively locks to the slide by single massive lug, which successfully engages the ejection port when locked.

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CZ 100CZ 100

The CZ 100 was first introduced in the year of 1995 by Česká Zbrojovka (Uherský Brod, Czech Republic), the first of these CZs weapons to use all synthetic materials. The pistol has a sister model, CZ 101, which has a significantly smaller magazine capacity (7 rounds 9mm or 6 rounds .40).

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CZ 750 S1 M2 Sport (at bottom of picture)CZ 750 S1 M2 Sport

Light version of CZ 750 S1 M1 repeating rifle with heavy barrel for accurate sport target shooting

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CZ 750 S1 M1 SportCZ 750 S1 M1 Sport

Repeating target rifle for sport shooting at 800 m.

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CZ 700M1CZ 700M1

The CZ 700M1 model is slightly lighter and shorter than the standard model otherwise the weapons are somewhat identical.

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CZ 700CZ 700

The CZ 700 is a bolt-action sniper rifle often used for hunting rifle manufactured and designed in the Czech Republic by the Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZ) company.

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CZ Model 25CZ Model 25

The CZ Model 25 (properly, vz.48b or Sa 25 (samopal vzor 48 výsadkový ... submachine gun Model of the year 1948 para)) is generally considered the best known of a quality series of Czechoslovak designed submachine guns manufactured and introduced in 1948.

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