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New AR in cabinet

Howdy, GS. How's all? Just reporting in to say I finally got a black rifle. I've been eying this DPMS Sportical .223/5.56 at Wal-Mart for $640 for a while now and finally bought it. It's no frills ...

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Saw this tonight at wally world $650.00 can go on layaway it has not rubber butt cover just the m4 stock,no sights,and not mill spec.Just a stripped down AR15. The colt had every thing was mill ...

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Ar15 and sig229 40 cal

Hi everyone, I have a new unfired ar15 DPMS and a Sig Sauer P229 40mm that I want to sell. Please let me who is interesed?

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by B5.5Dan


Easiest way to descrope my gun http://www.dpmsrifle.com/item/61773_DPMS_Rifles_Shotguns_DPMS_RFA2-B24_P... and my ...

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AR Bull BarrelNew AR-15 Varmint - Bull barrel

Alright, show and tell again. Just picked up 2 of these from my local shop (FFL'd GB.com). The deal was so good, my buddy wanted one too, that's why two. It's a DPMS AR with the 20" Bull barrel. ...

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DPMS 5.56x45mm OracleDPMS 5.56x45mm Oracle

I'm thinking about getting the DPMS 5.56x45mm Oracle from DPMS firearms. The rifle itself is at 709.00 USD for the basic model. I was just wondering if any of you have shot and/or own this ...

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AR MagsBest AR Mags?

My Father In-Law just got a new DPMS AR........His birthday is coming up, so I thought I'd get him a couple of Mags. What are the best Mags to get, and where should I buy them from?

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DPMS Panther

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