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FNH PS-90 Scope options, anyone have one

Does anyone have a FNH PS90. Just bought one. Want to know if anyone have the FNH green dot box scope. Any suggestions?

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FN F2000Bought a FN F2000

I had a impusle purchase this week. I bought a FN F2000 556. I paid $1500. The gun came with a storm 3100 molded case, two triggers, tactical sling and 4 30 round ar mags. Did I get a good deal? ...

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by nobile157

FNP 45 TacticalBest new 45acp.

Anyone have the experience of shooting the FN Herstal 45FNP USG? WOW, might be MOM up side down, but I have not ever shot anything even close in total performance.15-1 to start, replaced by 2 ...

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by ak-dave
by ak-dave


Well I have takin an interest in the FN FAL. Anyone know if they make civilian models? And if so what kind of price range should I expect if I was to decide to buy one in the future? Anyone ever ...

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by Quinton


I'm quickly becoming a fan of the FNX line of pistols from FNH. I've always liked the FNP .45. Now that I have about 1k rounds down range with the FNX, I can honestly say its a really sweet piece. ...

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MK 46MK46 MOD 0

The MK46 is an M249 variant developed to meet a US Special Operations requirement for a lightweight light machine gun that would retain the intrinsic functionality and reliability of the standard M249. (Available in Black. Flat Dark Earth color availability - TBD). Weight reduction was achieved by using a new lightweight fluted barrel removing the magazine well and vehicle mounting lugs, and incorporating a titanium bipod. Unique to the MK46 is the forward rail that accommodate scopes, laser designators and flashlights. It also accommodates a forward pistol grip and has a detachable bipod. This weapon has been adopted by the US Navy.

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MK48MK48 MOD 0

The MK48 was developed to meet a US Special Operations requirement for a heavy caliber variant of the lightweight light machine gun that would retain the intrinsic functionality and reliability of the standard M249. (Available in Black. Flat Dark Earth color availability - TBD).

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FNH Five-seveN USG

These are one of a kind pistols.

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The Fnp-45 DA/SA is a new high capacity Polymer frame double action pistol withStainless Steel Slide which utilizes an ambidextrous decocker.

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FN HP Series SA-SFS (Safe-Fast-Shooting) PictureFN HP Series SA-SFS (Safe-Fast-Shooting)

The HP-SA-SFS is the only patented system in the world that combines the performances of the single action and double action pistol mechanisms without any of their disadvantages.

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Browning FN HP Hi PowerFN HP or Hi Power

This pistol is also referred to as HP for Hi Power or as GP for the French term Grande Puissance. Term P-35 is also used because the pistol was launched in 1935.

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FN MAG / MAG-58 Machine GunFN MAG / MAG-58

The FN MAG (or MAG-58) is manufactured by Fabrique Nationale (FN), Belgium as general purpose machine gun.

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FN Herstal is one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the world. Established in 1889, the company started as one of the Belgian government’s firearms manufacturer. During that time, the company is known as Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre. Shedding the d’Armes de Guerre (guns for war), the company adopted the FN Herstal in dedication of the location of their headquarters. The company’s future was sealed when they partnered with John Moses Browning in 1897. Most gun enthusiasts could say that Browning single-handedly changed the industry because of his innovations particularly his machine guns. The current Browning brand is under FN Herstal which is dedicated to military and civilian firearms as well as accessories. Although FN Herstal is a Belgian company, its headquarters is based in US. It is composed of two companies – the FN Manufacturing and FNH USA. The former is based in South Carolina and focused on production while the latter is based on Virginia which is focused on marketing.

Semi-Automatic Firearms

The company is well known for their semi-automatics as these are available for both military and civilian use. These semi-automatics of FN Herstal are known to be ambidextrous which increases usability of the firearm. The recoil is also addressed by the form of the firearm especially through its angled muzzle while other semi-automatics of FN have a muzzle break to control the recoil. It also features a single stage trigger – common to semi-automatics for better firing.

A popular semi-automatic of FN Herstal is the PS90 Rifle. The distinct feature of this semi-automatic is the downward ejection of the firing case. This improves the usability of the PS90 as the cases could be easily replaced. Another popular semi-automatic of FN Herstal is the FS2000. This gas-operated semi-automatic is known for its M1913 rail which is perfect for any type sighting system.


FN Herstal also manufactures pistols for military and civilian use. They are usually smaller than most competitors as the company focuses on being lightweight. The two popular pistols of FN Herstal are the FNP40 and the Five-seveN tactical pistol. The former is one of the most lightweight handguns in the industry as it uses polymer frames. The latter is known for its near zero-recoil.

Machine Guns

Because of the company’s association with Browning even before the 20th century, machine guns will always be a part of FN Herstal. The GMPG (General Purpose Machine Gun) of FN Herstal is a light-powered machine gun with a range of 1.5 kms with the firing ability of 1,000 rounds per minute. These are often mounted in vehicles for air, water and land.

The distinct machine gun of FN Herstal is their Minimi series of machine guns. Coming in 5.56mm or 7.62mm models, the Minimi offers the best of both worlds. The machine gun is light enough to be carried by a single person but powerful enough for heavy combat. This “miniature” version of machine guns has all the familiar features of a machine gun. It virtually requires no training before they could be used in combat.

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