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Shooting this am

Went out into the deserrt about a mile from my house and went shooting with my friend and gunsmith. He is a retired Army Armorer. I got to shoot a Gen 4 Glock 19 with a gementech threaded barrel ...

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by samD
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Any opinion on Glock 34

I just bought a generation 4 g34 9mm. First plastic pistol, Anyone else have one. Ill get to pick it up next week (live in NY)

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Re-imagined Facebook Like ButtonNew here, lot's to come!

Hello everyone! We are the world's largest distributor of Glock parts and accessories, magazines, holsters, logo gear, apparel, concealment items, custom parts and Glock custom guns. We're excited ...

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33 rd glock mag question

bought a 33 round magazine while i was at the gun barn yesterday, its a 31 with a +2 extension, near the bottom on the back of the mag the letters "PW" are labeled on it... just curious as to who ...

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Travis Haley partnered up with to create a "1911 style" trigger for the glock. From the website The TRAVIS HALEY "SKIMMER" Enhanced Carry Trigger System

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Glock Firearms

Named after its founder Gaston Glock, Glock is an Austria-based firearms manufacturer. The company was established in 1963 but their business in the firearms industry started during the 70s. The started with accessories for the Austrian army. The success of their firearms related products led them to the production of pistols during the 80s. This was also to fulfill the request of the Austrian army for handguns. The result is Glock 17, named after the founder as well as the 17th patent of Gaston. The Glock 17 was a 9mm semi-automatic with 17 rounds magazine capacity. The gun was immediately adopted by different countries including the US in the early years of the 80s. Since then, the company continued to expand their operations. The Glock 17 is still in production as it is one of the most popular Glock handguns in the market today. Although Glock didn’t expand their products to other guns, they have expanded to knives. Glock currently has offices in US, France, Hong Kong and Uruguay.

Popular Glock Handguns

Glock 17 9mm

The first handgun of Glock is still one of the most popular handguns in the world. The handgun is still in production since the early 80s. Its simplicity is its distinct feature which seems to assure its users durability and precision while being lightweight. The original Glock is also considered as the standard for most handguns especially for the Glock handguns. Other Glock models were named with numbers to signify the variety and stage of development. Glock 17 has a lot of variety usually for different purposes and for different countries. For example, the Glock 17P is solely used for training purposes while the Glock 17DK is a Glock 17 specifically designed for Denmark because of its law in handguns required the original version for additional modification.

Glock 22

The first .40 caliber handgun developed by Glock. This was part of the series of new pistols in different caliber developed aside from 9mm. The Glock 22 is almost identical when it comes to figures to the Glock 17 except for two things – Glock 22 only has 15 rounds and its weight with or without the magazine is a little bit heavier. The bullet for the 40mm has blunt edge. The success of Glock 22 is basically on the fact that it has almost the same look as Glock 17 but a little bit more powerful especially for short range firing.

Glock 21

A relatively longer handgun, Glock 21 was introduced in the early 90s. This was the alternative for the 10mm handguns (Glock 20) specifically for users who wants to have more firepower from their handguns and a little bit longer compared to Glock 17. This type of handgun from Glock sports the longest bullet which explains the limited rounds. The Glock 21 only has 13 rounds even though it has been adjusted to accommodate the bullet size.

Other popular handguns of Glock are those that feature octagonal rifling (Glock 21SF, 30, 36, 37, 38 and 39). The advantage of octagonal rifling over the traditional hexagonal rifling is the ease of loading which compensates the fewer rounds of the mentioned glocks.

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