Hi-Point Firearms

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Hi-point C9 review

Great price with the best warranty

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Hi Point .45 PictureHi Point .45

The Hi-Point .45 is an accurate gun and can be relied on for personal and home defence. The gun is made in America and makes good sense as a car gun.

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Hi Point CF 380

The Hi-Point .380ACP models are based on blowback design and are polymer-framed. They are inexpensive and great to use.

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Hi-Point Model 40 SW/PolyHi-Point Model 40 SW/Poly

Hi-Point Firearms is an American arms manufacturer specializing in semi-automatic handguns in several different calibers, as well as semi-automatic Carbines.

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Hi-Point C-9 Comp.Hi-Point C-9 Comp.

The C-9 Comp is the larger version of Hi-Points 9mm handgun, one major difference from the C-9 or C-9 Compact, is that it is "Compensated", meaning it has a specially designed "compensator" attached to the end of the barrel.

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Hi-Point C-9Hi-Point C-9

The Model C-9 is the compact version of Hi-Point's 9mm Handgun.

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Hi-Point Firearms

Hi-Point is an Ohio based firearms manufacturer established in 1992. The company is the firearms division of Beemiller, Inc. and their division is only dedicated in manufacturing handguns and carbines. Although the company is practically new in the industry, it became a well known brand for pistols and carbines because of their aggressive pricing. Hi-point is often considered a low-cost firearm with a few sacrifices to meet the price range. Specifically, the design of the handguns of Hi-point is very simple.

The firearms of Hi-point are usually used for recreational shooting and hunting. There are also a few law enforcement agencies have opted to use some of the high end products of Hi-Point.

Hi-Point Handguns

Although the aesthetics of Hi-point handguns has been sacrificed, it is by no means less efficient. It has a natural control for recoil as the hot gas is let out from the gun in an upward motion. This feature pushes the gun in a downward motion, eventually balancing the recoil. Also helping address the recoil is the handgrip which enables better handling. The handguns have three sights – useful for most occasions. For safety, all handguns cannot be fired without the magazine.

A well known handgun of Hi-Point is the C-9 handgun. This is a scaled down version of the 9mm pistol of Hi-Point. Again, because of its relatively affordable price, it has become a handgun of choice for individuals especially when used as concealment weapons. The simplistic design even has a blowback feature which controls recoil.

But the C-9 handgun has a tradeoff: weighing 29 oz, it is considered a lot heavier and uncomfortable for some users. The regular compact 9mm is weight at a maximum of 25 oz.

A variation of C-9 was also developed called the C-9 Comp. “Comp” denotes the compensating features attached to the C-9 variety. It’s a little bit longer in barrel length, modified for additional sights. But this variety of C-9 handgun is a lot heavier than its predecessor (35 oz.)

Hi Point Carbine

Like its handguns, Hi-Point carbines are also a low cost alternative firearm. The manufacturers of this type of firearm were able to lower the cost of the gun by changing a few materials for their carbines. Instead of a full polymer based carbine, part of the carbine is made up of metal alloys. The design is also simplified which is the reason why it is often mistaken as a rifle.

The most popular Hi-Point carbine is the Model 995. Developed during the mid-90s, it quickly became a popular carbine because of its price as well as reliability. The carbine has a grip that emulates a pistol where the bullets are also contained. The company manufactured magazine for the 995 has only 10 rounds but 15 rounds are also available but they were manufactured by a different company.

The guns of Hi-point have a lifetime warranty without any restrictions up to the third owner. The gun could be returned to the factory anytime and they will be fixed by Hi-point without any additional fee.

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