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Ok this guy said its not a 1911 because of the magazine...?

Hey yall, its been a while. My buddy needs a replacement magazine for his Kimber poly custom. I consider it a 1911 and he does aswell, its a 45 and looks like the colts/browning models. You know ...

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Ed Brown KobraFirst 1911, but which one?? 1911 Experts, I need help!

Hey everyone, I need some help. I have never really been into 1911s however, recently they are starting to catch my eye. Mainly because of the Aniversary of 100yrs, but also just because they ...

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I'm Will from North Pole,Alaska Just purchased a kimber 1911 custom. Love guns and was told this was a great place to talk/learn about my new passion.

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Kimber Eclipse Target II PicsKimber Eclipse Target II

The Kimber Eclipse Target II is a simulated model 1911 based on the semi automatic pistol chambered in the popular .45 ACP and also firing the 10mm cartridges.

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Kimber Firearms

Kimber is a US based firearms manufacturer established in 1979. Jack Wayne and his son, Greg of Clackamas, Oregon started a small gun manufacturing company. Jack already has a vast experience in gun manufacturing in Australia during the Second World War. With the help of Greg, the father-son duo established Kimber and admiration on one of their first guns, .22 Caliber quickly grew. Although they have expanded aggressively during the 80s, their success was short lived because of failing investments. By mid-80s, the company was sold to Bruce Engel. But the new owner also had trouble with the company. By 1990, the company was gone. Greg Wayne reestablished the company mid-90s using the same tools the original company had. Since then the company continued to improve as the demand for high end guns increased.

1911 Pistols

Kimber is well known for their pistols that emulated the original 1911 pistol designed by John Browning. The accuracy of the Kimber 1911 pistols made them one of the most popular companies today. Along with the accuracy of emulation, they also offer personalization of parts. This led to the proliferation of different variations for 1911 pistols. Although the looks of the pistols are still the same, customization is still possible.

Although the company still uses the same tooling during the late 70s, Kimber now uses CAD to properly design their guns. Machines are controlled through CAM which ensures accuracy of installation of parts.

Kimber Rifles

Kimber is also manufacturing rifles for different clients. They manufacture good hunting rifles but their more popular rifles are the tactical rifles. Their advanced tactical rifle is very popular in the market because of its versatility as well as power. It is also a very lightweight tactical rifle – a common characteristic to Kimber rifle, making it conducive for different use. It can be used for target shooting as well as a varmint rifle. Kimber released Advanced Tactical Rifle in 2006 and quickly became one of the most popular choices for high end rifles. This type of rifle by Kimber is handcrafted by professional gunsmiths to ensure accuracy. Other popular rifles of Kimber is the Model 84M, a long shot rifle for hunting.

Kimber Shotguns

Shotguns were the latest type of firearms produced by Kimber. All of their shotguns are manufactured in Brescia, Italy – a city known for producing some of the world’s finest shotguns. Coming in different sporting models, Kimber shotguns are particularly geared towards shooters who want nothing but the best. Kimber shotguns are still manufactured as high end shotguns and prices could reach as much as $5,000.

What made Kimber shotguns standout against other shotguns is its size. It’s not small but slim. It has the same length as with the standard shotgun but the shotgun is not bulky because of its slimmer look. The reason for this slim look is that the parts are perfectly fitted to each other. Like most Kimber guns, it has the production quality that’s almost unrivaled in the firearms industry. The shotguns are relatively new but they are one of the most popular sporting shotguns today.

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