Magnum Research

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Desert Eagle 50 AE

I bought a 50 AE from a cop who was getting married and needed the money. I wanted a iron site pistol to hunt deer which I could just drive to the hunting property after work without having a shotgun or giant scoped in my car at work. 50 AE will take a deer.

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Holy Grail of .22lr Magazines

OK guys, I'm hunting some magazines for a Magnum Research Mountain Eagle or a Ram-Line Extractor .22 pistol. Let me set the stage. Magnum research (Desert Eagle) made these in the late ...

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Magnum Research Baby Eagle

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Desert EagleMagnum Research Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is a semi automatic, large caliber gas-operated pistol manufactured and produced by IMI (Israel Military Industries) of Israel for Magnum Research, Inc of the United States of America.

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Magnum Research Inc. is one of the most successful firearms companies in USA. The company was established in 1979 and quickly became a popular company because of one type of gun – the desert eagle. The desert eagle is an invention of Bernard C. White who was at the time an employee of Magnum Research Inc. The mechanism that supported the desert eagle was patented in 1983. The original design was then improved by the IMI or Israel Military Industries. IMI continued manufacturing the desert eagle for Magnum Research until 1995. The manufacturing was temporarily transferred to Saco, Maine but eventually returned to IMI which was renamed Israel Weapon Industries.

Desert Eagle

The desert eagle single-handedly led the company into a considerable success. The features of desert eagle are remarkable and truly unique.

The desert eagle is the first gas powered handgun. Because of its gas-operated feature, it has a relatively stronger muzzle power. This type of feature could only be seen in rifles which explain its strong firepower.

The layout of the desert eagle is also impressive. Enthusiasts could enjoy customization in chambering. Magazine, bolt and barrel are the only required parts for a different chambering. Users can install different barrels and even scopes in some versions of desert eagle. Although the desert eagle is a relatively large, it can only accommodate a few rounds. Desert eagle can only have a maximum of 9 rounds in the .357 Magnum.

The disadvantage of desert eagle is basically its size. Because it was originally made to become a rifle, the cartridge is relatively bigger. Since they are bigger, they are not made for concealment weapons and for personal self defense.

The desert eagle is not only popular for gun enthusiasts but also in popular culture. The desert eagle is also used in movies. Magnum research allows gun enthusiasts to customize their desert eagles in terms of design.

A popular variety of the desert eagle is the Mark XIX. This model has the most variety and could be customized like the regular desert eagle. It is probably the most powerful desert eagle to date because of the available .50 AE version. This model also has the most design as its barrel could reach to as much as 10 inches.

Biggest Finest Revolver (BFR)

Magnum Research BFR is a very impressive revolver specifically built for collectors. Available only in stainless steel, this type of revolver has a very powerful caliber. The standard setting of this type of revolver of Magnum Research is in .500mm S&W. It also comes with a very long barrel – a 10 inch version is available. The BFR comes in two versions: the long cylinder and the short cylinder. The long refers to the more popular .500 S&W while the short cylinder refers to the standard setting for a revolver.

The unique characteristic of BFR is its ability to adapt to different chambering, much like the desert eagle. Customization is also possible in its grips and different cartridges although rimless cartridges are highly discouraged.

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