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New to Gunslot (Owner of exploding targets company)

Hi everyone, I am new to gunslot. I am the owner of Last Man Standing, LLC, we make exploding rifle targets that are similar to tannerite

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by Hitman.21


Got something I know nothing about, but want to know if any of ya'll do. I have a customer that came in today that's built an AR15 from a kit, purchased from a company called Blackthorn out of ...

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info about a SKS made by Norinco

My uncle brought this home from Germany and iI am looking for more info on it?

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Mitchell's Mausers Private Collection for sale & some Lugers

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mitchell's Private Collection Released Rare Luger Pistols and Mauser Rifles To the Privileged Few, this e-mail is ...

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Mauser 98correct cartridge for a WW2 98 mauser

I was asked by my friend if I could figure out what cartridge the 98 mauser that he had just inherited used. I always like a little challenge now and again, so I said sure. So I brought it home. ...

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