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Trigger Adjustment

Anyone know how to adjust the trigger on my GI Expert? The trigger seems to have a little "Play" in it. Is that normal? When I gradually pull the trigger the trigger seems to move back a little ...

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Para 1911 GIConsidering Possible Trades For My 1911 Para

Ok ya all I went to Trader Jerry's the other day. First time I ever been there. Feel in love instantly!!! Guns every where!!!! I saw an Auto Ordnance 1927A1 there which is a Tommy Gun Replica but ...

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Para Ordinance and Ellett Brothers Distributers

Huge safety concern!!!!! After being sent to the Para Factory once a friend's NEW WartHog blew up at the range a piece hit him in the face. He does not want anything to do with the gun. When he ...

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Para Ordnance 1911 GI ExpertPara Ordnance 1911 GI Expert Likes and Dislikes

I have had my Para Ordnance for 3 days now. I have went over it with a fine tooth comb to say the least. Here are my likes and dislikes as of now. Likes: 1. The frame and slide are solid and mated ...

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Para-Ordnance 1911 GI Expert .45I have a new toy!!!!!!

If you all recall I taled about a Para-Ordnance 1911 being at my local pawnshop. Well I bought it today!!!!! Its a Para-Ordnance 1911 GI Expert .45. Believe it or not it came with a box,2 ...

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Para Ordnance PXT 1911 PicturePara Ordnance PXT 1911

Para's Single-Action, Single Stack line brings the Power Extractorâ„¢ technology to this series of classic pistols.

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