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True success, means the rise and prominence of patriotic and Conservative values in the USA. Healthy, means --nothing worse than a head cold. KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON. 73, LLE

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by teko52
by teko52

Ankle Holster

I just got a Ruger LCR, 38/357 , was thinking about getting an ankle holster for it. I never wore one before and before I shell out money for it, I wanted to know if anyone wears an ankle holster. ...

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Finally got that revolver i spoke of a long time ago

picked the beautiful stainless 6 inch ruger gp100 up yesterday... VERY smooth trigger pull, although heavy in double action the smoothness takes the bother out for me, single action is gorgeous. I ...

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target mimi 14 rifle need one

target 223 cal stainless 30 rd mini 14 with a gunsmith making it better as soon as i open it

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for sale tactical modle ruger 10 22 w extras

couldent find the for sale part..sry ne way got a ruger 10 22 TACTICAL modle. not the 230 doller one. they retail 480 500 ruger suggested new price is 560. has the bi pod came with it. the ...

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My birthday aug 6

Saw a gun deal at the Tampa florida gun show before have a 45 colt cowboy for $300 new so am going Aug4-5,2012 back to tampa fairgrounds to see what type of deal there might be. Never shot one ...

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by nobile157

fore sale Ruger M77 HAWKEYE


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Sturm, Ruger hits new high on news of 1 million firearms in 1st-quarter orders.

Sturm, Ruger & Co. hit new high on 1st-qtr orders Smith & Wesson also jumps Associated Press – 39 minutes ago Companies:Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.Smith & Wesson Holding ...

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has anyone tried out rugers 1911 yet?

Been a little while now since Ruger released their SR1911, and was wondering if anyone her has had the chance to try it out and give some .02's about it as far as reliability and if it was a 1911 ...

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by nobile157
by nobile157

Ruger Firearms

Strum, Ruger & Company, Incorporated or “Ruger” is a US based gun manufacturer established in 1949. Named after its founders, Alexander McCormick Strum and William B. Ruger, the company quickly became a success after William B. Ruger manufactured their first .22 pistol. The gun was based on Nambu Pistol (a Japanese Pistol) that was acquired by William Ruger during the WWII. The rear cocking mechanism was ported to Ruger’s .22 pistols with a few modifications.

Although Ruger is not the largest manufacturer, they are one of the most extensive. They produce revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns – no other company in the country have done that type of production.

Ruger Revolvers

Ruger’s first revolver is the Ruger Single Six. It was built in 1953 and since then, the company continuously manufactured different revolvers for different purposes. The Single Six has a powerful rimfire revolver and, as the name implies, has six chambers for bullets. The original version is no longer available for safety reasons. What’s currently available is the New Model Single Six which has a mechanism that only allows the gun to fire when the trigger is pulled. This upgrade is available since 1973. Another version of Single Six, which has adjustable sights is available called Super Single Six. A smaller version of the available called Ruger Blackhawk.

Ruger Pistols

The gun that started it all for Ruger, Ruger Pistols is a unique pistol because it incorporates simplicity with efficiency. The first gun manufactured by Ruger, the basic design and configuration of the pistols are still being observed. Their rimfire pistols usually have the smaller calibers (.17 or .22) while their centerfire sports a relatively more powerful, reaching up to .45 caliber. Both have the Nambu inspired rear design which aids the user for better sights. The rimfire pistols of Ruger are known for their lighter recoil while their centerfires are known for being lightweight.

Ruger Rifles

Ruger rifles have the reputation of having a very simplistic design. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the firepower that could be compared to other rifles. Primarily built for civilian use, Ruger rifles are lightweight, highly affordable and efficient. The first Ruger Rifle is the Ruger No. 1 which features a falling underlever for reloading. Another popular rifle is the 10/22 which is mainly used for civilian purposes. It’s small enough hunting but could be highly customized to become a very powerful rifle.

Ruger Shotguns

Ruger shotguns are the latest type of firearms offered by Ruger. Initially offered in 2002, the shotguns have the same design philosophy common in Ruger guns. The design is very simple which gives the designers more time to concentrate on power and accuracy of the shotguns. The most popular design of Ruger shotgun is the Roger Gold Label. This break action - 12 gauge, double barrel shotgun comes with a 28-inch barrel for maximum firepower. This type of shotguns comes in side-by-side and over-and-under forms. It’s a highly demanded product of Ruger geared specifically for hunters and sport shooters.

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