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TRG 338

hei. i have alot of sniper rifels and a am a team leder of a norwegian berret 50 cal sniper team,, butt the best sniper rifel i ever have tryed is the""TRG 338".I have one and was shooting ...

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MK 19 40MM Machine GunMK 19 40MM Machine Gun

The Mk 19 Grenade Launcher is a belt-fed automatic 40 mm grenade launcher or grenade machine gun that entered U.S. military service during the Cold War, first seeing action during the Vietnam War and remaining in service today.

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M60Saco Defense M60

The M60 which is formally the United States Machine Gun of the Caliber 7.62 mm, M60 is part of a family of United States long range, general purpose machine guns firing 7.62 mm NATO cartridges from a mobile and disintegrating belt of M13 links.

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