Sig Sauer

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by nobile157

Sig P224 cut down compact

Havin' to work with more clobber than an pickup can comfortably haul - I hate carrying stuff, always have - I'm drawn to Sig'a P224... Anybody know much 'bout it?

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by nobile157
by nobile157
by nobile157

Sig 938- Anybody have or seen one?

Has anybody seen a sig 938? They came out this year I beleive. Supposed to be almost the same size as the 238, except the 938 is in 9mm. I'm just curious to how they feel in the hand, weight ...

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i fell in love today!

SIG SAUER 1911 Carry Scorpion got a chance to play with this sexy lady today ive just about made up my mind about it but would love to here you guys feed back what do you think about 1911 with ...

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SIG GSR 1911 revolution on the way

Stopped by the gun barn today looking for a .308 AR when i looked down and something purdy caught my eye. the sig 1911 gsr revolution. needless to say i needed to get out of there as soon as ...

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by Ishootdaily

Range Report, 1911

I have handled and shot a seemingly endless variety of 1911s---WW II Colts and those made by many manufacturers contracted by the miitary to increase the needed production during WW II, those ...

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Shot a Sig P210-6 Target tonight !! woohoo!

Larry brought in two different pistols I hadn't shot yet tonight and both will cause me to loose sleep! Sig 220 SS Elite in 9 mm Sig P210-6 Target... One of the Original ones from the early 70's ...

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The name SIG SAUER refers to the company established in US in 1985. It is a company representing the Swiss Arms AG which was established in 1853. The roots of the original SIG SAUER was in Switzerland where the owners started out as wagon manufacturers. But a competition conducted by the Swiss Defense Ministry made them manufacture a musket which won the competition. After winning the competition, the founders decided to focus on gun manufacturing. The company name, Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) was born. It was only in 1970 that the company decided to expand their production line. To improve their cost reduction plans, they partnered with J.P. Sauer and Sons. During that time, J.P. Sauer is already an established gun manufacturer in Germany. SIG SAUER was eventually established because of this agreement. The US representative of SIG SAUER has been manufacturing firearms because of its success as a distributor and importer.

SIG P220

When SIG SAUER (Called SIGARMS until 2007), reached the US shores, the first handgun they made available to the public was the SIG P220. This gun was based on SIG210 which was used during WWII. The updated SIG P220 was first released in 1975 but only became officially available in 1985 through SIGARMS.

SIG P220 is known for its “heel mounted” release. This increases the speed of reloading of users for any occasion. Subsequent versions of SIG P220 would move the magazine release in different parts of the grip. The most popular version of SIG P220 is the P220 Rail wherein it has a Picatinny rail for optical sights.

SIG Blazer Tactical

With the collaboration of German gun manufacturer Blazer, SIG SAUER released SIG Blazer Tactical. This highly powerful rifle is extensively being used by most European armies. The latest Blazer Tactical available in the US market is the Blazer Tactical 2. This updated rifle of Blazer has an efficiency range of at least 1.5 kms. It uses straight pull action, which is a traditional bolt action in the popular Lee Enfield rifles. By using straight pull, reloading and firing is faster. User movement is very minimal when using straight pull action rifles.

The non-shooting parts of Blazer tactical rifles are fully interchangeable. The user’s firing hand could stay with the trigger while changing the components of the rifle. Professional shooters could change the parts of this rifle using only one hand in less than a minute.

SIG SG 556

SIG SG 556 is based on one of the most popular semi-automatic rifle SIG SG 550. SIG SG 556 is the modern counterpart of the 70s semi-automatic. It has all the basic features of the powerful SG 550 – only with considerable difference that upgrades the performance of the SG 556. The upgrade is on the trigger housing of SG 556. With this upgrade, the semi-automatic becomes a lightweight semi-automatic that packs the same power. The popular adjustable gas piston of the SG 550 is still found in this rifle. What’s more is that the SIG 556, like the 550, has two system gas controls that could cater to any need of the user.

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