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by teko52

Taurus model 94

Does anyone have one? I have a chance to get one in 22. But it's Taurus. Looks new and cool. 285$ the price is right.

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for sale or trade is a brand new 1911 45

New 1911 45 unfired 2 magazines 1 box of a ammo matching holster comes in box looking to sell it for 550 will trade for revolver all gun trades will be welcomed text 2253353202

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454 Casull

So I own a 3' Judge magnum. I love shooting this gun but I am looking to upgrade to the RAGING JUDGE which shoots the 454. Has any shot one of these

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taurus m617 $300taurus m617

Looking to sell a Taurus m617 used only fired maybe 50 times 2" and holds 7 rounds. Small carry gun with some take down power iam from Gettysburg pa. Any. Questions email me at ...

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Taurus 4410Taurus 4410 Revolver, AKA "The Judge"

Utility pistol that offers devastating firepower at close range.

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woundering if any one had news on this yet and toughts please.TY http://www.chuckhawks.com/taurus_800_pr.htm

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Taurus Firearms

Taurus or Forjas Taurs S/A is a Brazilian firearms manufacturer. The company was founded in 1939 but their venture into gun manufacturing only started in 1941 with the production of their first revolver. The company experienced a huge success locally which pushed them to move their products internationally, particularly in US. But it was only in 1968 that the company eventually exported their revolvers to the US. During the 70s, the company was part of Bangor Punta, which also owns Smith & Wesson during that period. They complete ownership of Bangor Punta of Taurus happened in 1977.

It was only during the 80s the company started manufacturing pistols. This happened when Baretta left Brazil and sold their tooling and other manufacturing tools to Taurus. To further improve their expansion, Taurus USA was established in 1984.

Taurus Pistols

The Taurus pistols were manufactured late in the company’s history. But that doesn’t mean their expertise in producing high quality pistols is lacking. Taurus pistols ranks high among gun enthusiasts. The company was able to keep the prices of their products relatively lower compared to other pistols. Labor cost in Brazil is considerably lower which has greatly affected the price of their product. Almost any perceivable gun parts of Taurus guns are also available.

The most popular Taurus pistol is the PT92. It was also one of the first pistols manufactured by Taurus. Since Taurus acquired the manufacturing facilities of Baretta in Brazil, the PT92 also looks a lot like a popular pistol of Baretta called the Model 92. But instead of fully copying the Model 92, PT92 added a special feature that would make PT92 a popular pistol. The frame of PT92 could be used for any hand which improves handling for the right and left handed users.

Taurus Revolvers

Taurus revolvers represent the group of revolvers that could pack great stopping power without the price. Their influence to this type of gun has been significant as they have introduced different innovations for the revolver. Among them is the ejector rod which ensures proper reloading. Although they continue to produce some of their popular revolvers until today, new components were added to improve the efficiency of their hand guns. The newest line of handguns now features titanium as the main component. This component helps lighten the load while maintaining the already powerful set up for a revolver.

The most popular revolver of Taurus is the Raging Bull. This type of revolver could be easily identified because of the rubber strip in red color found the grip the Raging Bull. This grip was conveniently added as most revolvers of the raging bull have a very powerful shot that recoil should be expected. The rubber strip should somehow cushion the recoil. This type of revolver comes in different forms and most of them could be integrated with sights. Picatinny rail could even be bolted to the handgun if the user will use its full extent. Both ends also have fully adjustable sights for better loading and synchronization.

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