Taurus PT 140Taurus PT 140

So I ended up buying a Taurus PT 140 for concealed carry. I have to tell you guys I love it! Great gun I was kinda leary about the Taurus sometimes they get a bad review. But this gun is great ...

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Firing PinFiring pin problem

I bought a 9 a while back, didn't bother to even put any rounds through it for at least 6 mo. When I finally did, the firing pin broke on the second round. Took it apart and didn't see any ...

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Taurus TrackerTaurus Tracker

Just saw a Taurus Tracker 357 magnum yesterday at MC Sports. Has a 4" vented barrel, night sights and an awesome feeling rubber grip. Gun is made of titanium and has a wheel with a 7 round ...

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by Quinton
by marvin

Taurus 1911 .45 review

Taurus 1911 Review

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Taurus 809B-9mm

The 809B-9mm is one of the “new” handguns developed by Taurus. The word “new” is actually a bit of a misnomer since the gun has already been available since early last year.

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Taurus PT945 PictureTaurus PT945

Accuracy, reliability, and powerful performance describe both this pistol and America's time-honored .45 ACP cartridges.

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Taurus PT940 PictureTaurus PT940

A full 10+1 rounds of the .40 Caliber popular with law enforcement in a feature packed pistol.

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Taurus PT100 PictureTaurus PT100

A Taurus favorite, this .40 Caliber version of the 9mm PT92 offers full 11+1 capacity in the popular police caliber.

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Taurus PT609 PictureTaurus PT609

The Taurus 609 9mm has a beautiful Gray Titainium no glare finish, a well balanced frame and comfortable grip.

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Taurus PT92Taurus PT92

The Taurus PT92 is a double action/single action, 9mm Luger, double column magazine, semi-automatic, short recoil action pistol manufactured by Taurus in the former Beretta factory in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Taurus PT 24/7Taurus PT 24/7

The Taurus PT 24/7 is a Double Action, semi-automatic pistol that is designed and manufactured by Taurus. It is distributed by Taurus USA through a Taurus subsidiary in the United States.

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