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by nobile157


After going to the range for work today a fellow officer and I stopped at a local gun shop so he could look at something in a small 9mm. While I was there I saw what I thought was a Walther PPK, ...

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by nobile157

New Walther PK380 w/ laser... Laser slides off rail while shooting???

I just purchased my Walther PK380 and while sighting in laser, it slides down the rail while shooting? it actually jumps its mount from the recoil? Has anyone else had this problem and what to do? ...

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by Klump

Walther P88ASWalther P99AS

I am going to receive my new Walther P99AS before the end of the week! Can't wait! Anyone have experience with this firearm? I read that it was designed by one of the original two Glock designers.

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Walther PK380Walther PK380 Failures

I recently purchased a Walther PK380. I signed up for a Forum through Walther, in Germany. The forum discussion was mostly regarding a failure of the recoil spring after 1000-1500 rounds. Has ...

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by stephanie

Walther P22Petite Female - Walther P22 for Personal carry and range shooting?

Looking at getting the Walther P22 for personal carry and range shooting. Please give me your thoughts on this or any suggestions you may have.

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by Shakleford

wlather p22 review

nice 22lr pistol

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Walther P22 PictureWalther P22

Walther's new P22 .22 caliber pistol combines many features not found on other .22 caliber pistols.

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Walther P88 PictureWalther P88

The Walther P88 was developed by the Walther company of Germany as a semiautomatic pistol in 1988. The P88 was derived from the year the weapon was manufactured.

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Walther P38 PictureWalther P38

The Walther P38 was produced and developed as a 9 mm pistol by Walther as the official service pistol of the German Wehrmacht during the beginning of World War II.

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Walther TPH PictureWalther TPH

The Walther TP and TPH pistols are extremely compact lightweight, double-action semiautomatic handguns in the smaller .22 Long Rifle and .25 ACP calibers.

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Walther WA 2000Walther WA 2000

The Walther WA 2000 bullpup sniper rifle was first manufactured and designed in the early 1970's by the Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen company from the its inception as a specialized police and law enforcement sniper rifle and not as an adaptation of an existing rifle.

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Walther MPKWalther MPK

The Walther MP series consists of a family of 9 millimeter submachine guns which were manufactured and produced in Germany from 1963 to 1987. MP is an acronym for Maschinenpistole.

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Walther P5Walther P5

The Walther P5 is a locked breech, recoil-operated, 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. The P5 uses the same design philosophies as the Walther P38 pistol made famous during World War II.

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Walther P99Walther P99

The Walther P99 is a fairly new, semi-automatic pistol made by Walther Sportwaffen of Germany.

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Walther PPKWalther PPK

The Walther PP series of durable pistols includes the Walther PP, PPK, and PPK/S.

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Walther is a German based firearms manufacturer with more than a hundred years of experience in gun manufacturing. Properly named as Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen, the company was established by Carl Walther in 1886 as a manufacturer of civilian rifles. Their involvement with the military production of firearms started in 1908 with the development of their first pistol. Carl Walther is very fond of self loading firearms that he decided to develop one. His son was able to integrate the technology in 1908. Before the Second World War, the handguns of Walther become the standard gun for the German Police.

The Second World War halted the operations of Walther as the factories were destroyed. Fritz Walther, one of the founder’s descendants, was able to keep the designs and patents of the company. But it was only in 1957 that the company resumed their operations. Upon re-opening the company re-released the P38 which became very popular. The company is currently is under Umarex since its acquisition in 1993.

Walther P38

Walther P38 was first produced in 1938. This is one of the pistols that cemented the success of Walther since this became the standard firearm for the German army. Production of this gun halted during the Second World War along with other guns since the factories were destroyed. When the company was revived during the 50s, the production of P38 continued which ensure the success of the company.

The popularity of Walther P38 is in its ability to be a double action gun. It can fire without even using the magazine loaded. Although this is generally for a short range use, it’s a lightweight weapon that could be used anytime. The double action feature even upgrades the number of shots fired by the P38.

Walther G22

Developed for civilian use, Walther G22 features reverse bolt action mechanism. This allows the user to unload the cartridges either in the front or in the back. Although the gun is not a popular military rifle, its intended use for shooting practice is achieved. It should be fired with the recommended hand or else the ejected bullets will go straight to the shooter’s face. Its advantage over most rifles is the effective range if used with a sight could reach up to 500 feet.

Walther PP Series

The PP (Police Pistol) series of handguns is a commercially successful handgun of Walther. Although it was first associated with the Nazi regime, it became a well known handgun in Europe and in US after World War II. The US started using PP series handguns with PPK in the late 70s. The main feature of PP series is a fixed barrel which offers an additional use. They help address the recoil as it also becomes a guide rod. The latest sub-series to come out of the PP series of handguns are the PPK/E which features a different features and its production in Hungary. The Walther PP series is also the choice of gun of the fictional British spy, James Bond.

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