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Model 12 12 gauge

My 94 year old aunt wants to sell her father's Model 12 shotgun it is a full choke with serial #147094 she said it had a 1912 Hunting license under the Recoil pad, but I read that they did not ...

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WHAT IS THIS RIFLE WORTH? I WOULD SAY IT IS IN GOOD SHAPE! Winchester Model 1905 Winchester 05 Type Semi-automatic rifle Place of origin United States Production history Designer T.C. ...

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by samD

Winchester M70 w/ Harris BiPodHarris bipod adapter for Winchester model 70

I'm looking for a Harris bipod adapter for the front sling stud on a Winchester model 70 .300 Winchester mag. production circa ~2000's, synthetic 'rubbery' stock. I want a 9-13" adjustable Harris ...

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Winchester Model 37 forearm spacerWinchester Model 37 forearm spacer

Just purchased a Winchester Model 37 A from the 70's and it has a cracked forearm spacer. Looking at guns for sale online, it's clear that mine isn't the only one to experience this problem. I ...

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winchester 1912 12 gaugeA winchester 1912 12guage and its worth

I have inharited a winchester 1912 12guage im new to the shotgun scene so i dont know the value of this piece but it was born july 22 1913 i have more info if needed thank you for your help.

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winchester 52-22 model b w/20x litschert scope

i am looking to sell my winchester 52-22. this is indeed a work of art. very well kept. this is the third generation it has been in my family. why is it so hard to sell collectible firearms these ...

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Listing a rifle

94 (early 80s model) - just how do you list a rifle on this web site?

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Winchester 1300 PictureWinchester 1300

This gun is among the quickest operating shotguns with slide action in the world. This gun can fire three shots in only .56 seconds and is rightly valued for its high speed and dexterity.

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Winchester Model 12Winchester Model 12

The Winchester Model 12, more formerly known as the Winchester Model 1912 (also commonly referred to as the M12 or Model 12) is a pump action or hammerless slide-action, shotgun with an external tube magazine.

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Winchester 94Winchester 94

The Winchester 94 or more formally the Winchester Model 1894 (also commonly known as Winchester .30-30 rifle, .30-30 Winchester, .30-30 or simply Win 94) is one of the most popular and famous hunting rifles. The Winchester 94 was designed originally by John Browning in 1894, and manufactured and produced at Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

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Winchester 1912Winchester Model 1912

The Winchester Model 1912 (also commonly known as the M12, or Model 12) is a pump action, hammerless slide-action, shotgun with an external tube magazine.

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Winchester 1897Winchester 1897

The Winchester Model 1897 is a shotgun utilizing the pump-action. The shotgun has a tube magazine and external hammer.

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Properly named Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Winchester is a popular shotgun and rifle manufacturer since late 19th century. Before the establishment of the company, Oliver Winchester used to be part of New Haven Arms Company wherein it controlled the first Smith & Wesson handgun called the Volcanic Rifle. When S&W broke up with the New Haven, Oliver Winchester established the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. By 1866, Winchester is already producing high quality rifles. Their success continues as the company gained the assistance of John Browning in 1883. John Browning developed series of shotguns and rifles which became popular during that time.

Unfortunately, as soon as John Browning left Winchester, the company started to have problems with competition as John Browning came out with powerful guns for the military. World War I and World War II saw the efficient use of John Browning guns without the aid of Winchester. The company, on the other hand, came out with different rifles which include a civilian version of M14 rifles.

The current trademarks and designs of Winchester are owned by its latest owner Olin Corporation. However, the manufacturer of Winchester rifles and shotguns is currently owned by FN Herstal, a Belgian firearms manufacturer. Called US Repeating Arms Company, the company is mainly composed of former Winchester Employees who has the skills to build original Winchester rifles and shotguns.

Winchester Rifles

The Winchester Rifles are often referred to as the “gun that saved the west” although this term was originally used in the 1873 rifle of Winchester. The most popular Winchester rifles were mostly built before the 20th century. These rifles are all collector’s item because of the legacy and these rifles were designed by the John Browning, arguably the most recognized person in the gun industry.

The most popular Winchester rifle is the Single Shot Rifle produced in 1885. This is the first rifle designed by John Browning for Winchester. This type of gun was specifically built for shooting competitions. The rifle became a huge commercial success because of its performance during different competitions, easily defeating then popular models. Variations were made on the 1885 rifles for different hunting purposes.

Winchester Shotguns

Winchester is also credited to produce the first commercially successful shotguns. John Browning designed the 1887 series of shotguns. The first variation uses smokeless powder which later moved to shot shells. The chambered shotgun only came with the M1901 shotgun which has the basic features of the original 1887 shotgun. Early on, the shotguns of John Browning were pump-action shotguns which proved to be powerful especially when they are used in cartridges.

One of the most popular and unique shotgun developed by Winchester is the Model 21 shotgun. It’s a double barrel shotgun that first came out in 1931. Its unique feature is in the required hinge action to load the cartridges. Instead of the more popular and conventional pump action; the user is required to lift the barrel a little bit. Only 30,000 of this type of shotgun were made. Each of them is custom designed and hand made.

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