Embedding Images & Videos In Posts

In order to embed images and videos in content now you should be able to first upload it to the site by creating a new image or video post. Then it will have a field called "Guns Lot Code" on the ...

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Ruger BX-25 10/22 MagBX-25 10/22 Mag

finally... I don't know why they didn't release this earlier. I'm sure Butler creek isn't too happy http://www.ruger.com/micros/BX-25/index.html?r=y&utm_source=tacticalrepu...

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Knives Basics The knife is a very old utensil used for thousands of years for various reasons. Since man was able to stand, walk and hold things properly with bare hands, knife-like things were ...

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Ammunition, in the broadest sense of the word, is anything used in war for combative purposes powered by chemical or gun powder. Guns, bullets and different artilleries that could be used in war ...

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A shotgun is a firearm generally used to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot.

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Self-defense is man’s natural instinct. He has looked for different ways of protecting himself since the inception of civilization. Sophisticated armaments slowly replaced crude stone weapons over ...

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Colt 6940AR Pics Thread

Lets see everyone’s AR’s and hear what you’ve done to them or plan on doing. These things are legos for men. I know we have a nice collection of Colts, Bushmasters (even w/ runs spray paint job), ...

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From the beginning of civilization Man has always resorted to the use of weapons in order to survive. As a nomad he used crude arms for self-protection and hunting. As time went by he continued to ...

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Trouble with Douche-Buckets

This damn near set me off and would of got me arrested!

Im Back...Again...

Well hello and welcome back into my mind


While I have been on here for 6 months, I still am never at a loss for interesting people.

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