Sell Your Firearms and Accessories on for FREE! is proud to announce a feature that enables users to sell their firearms on for FREE! Simply, go to and sign onto your account, click the create content button, then select gun, next input the name of your gun. In the parent field type in the name of the gun it is associated with.

For example if you are selling a Custom Glock 19 with light accessory, in the parent type "Glock 19" and select Glock 19. Next fill in as much information as you can about the firearm as well as your email address in the body. Then click submit. The firearm or accessory will be added to our store and available for sale. We will then send you a link that you can use to advertise your product.

This is an example of just one of the guns for sale on

Face/Off Gold Guns For Sale

Please reply with any thoughts and / questions anytime.


GunsLot Team

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