22 Ruger Mark 111 Volquartsen Custom

22 Ruger Mark 111 Volquartsen Custom

22 Ruger Mark 111 Volquartsen Custom

Pictured is one of the fully modified 22 Ruger Mark lll pistols by Volquartsen Custom, one of the premier manufacturers of precision firearms and custom parts.

This bad boy has a 4.5-inch Volquartsen barrel threaded 1/2x28 TPI to allow the Advanced Armament Prodigy, also pictured, to be mounted with the supplied AAC quick attach.

A 32-hole compensator provided by Volquartsen is also 1/2x28 in this case. Being able to interchange the compensator and the suppresser helps keep your suppresser clean while plinking away at the shooting range.

The smooth 3.5 pound pull of the custom Volquartsen trigger is crisp and the two 10 round magazines included provide decisive tactical advantage.

This semi automatic has Picatiny rails on both top and bottom. Perfect for a small red dot sight like the JP Enterprises Micro-electronic reflex sight or Aimpoints Micro T1 on top and a miniature tactical laser light combo below. We like the Insight Technology X2 Laser Sub-Compact Tactical Laser-Flashlight combo MTV-001-A1.

The top rail is slotted, allowing for open sights with a HiViz front sight. The top Picatiny rail is capable of mounting a long eye relief handgun scope. Check out Nikon’s Monarch UCC 2.5x8. A great choice because the .22 caliber Long Rifle delivers very little recoil.

The final touch for this amazing handgun is a very durable matte black finish for those Special Operations.

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