.223 Federal LE Tactical TRU 55gr HP T223E

.223 Federal LE Tactical TRU 55gr HP T223E

.223 Federal LE Tactical TRU 55gr HP T223E
This is Federal TRU .223 Tactical Rifle Urban 55gr. Hollow Point Ammo. The Tactical Rifle Urban (TRU) is custom made for your Urban Rifle. This ammo has a 55gr. Sierra Boattail Hollow Point Bullet. Today’s Law Enforcement Officers need ammunition specifically designed for use in semi-automatic rifles or “Urban Rifles.” Federal TRU ammunition is engineered using mil-quality specifications for ideal functioning in these firearms. Each TRU cartridge is made using select mil-quality low flash powders and the case features thicker brass for added strength. The primers in this TRU ammo is crimped in for added holding ability in this popular cartridge, virtually eliminating backed out primers that can lock-up and render your rifle useless, so potentially disastrous situations are greatly reduced. These TRU bullets are specifically engineered 55gr. Sierra Hollow Points, which is a fragmenting design for tactical applications. Typically this ammo is only available to law enforcement and military agencies through Federal, that is a Federal rule, not a law. We got this ammo, because we ordered it for a police department and they cancelled the order, so we can now sell it to anyone. This ammo is extremely hard for us to get and we have limited supplies. This is current production ammo and it is packed in 20rd. boxes.


223 Federal LE Tactical TRU 55gr HP - 20 Rounds
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$34.99 On Sale! $27.99

223 Federal LE Tactical TRU 55gr HP - 100 rounds
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$199.99 On Sale! $124.99

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jay sedler

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seems pricy for what you get.couldnt a home loader accomplish the same thing for a similar price?

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