30/40 Kraig

30/40 Kraig

Kraig, 30/40 I have one of these!!
U.S. Spring Field 1898 model.
SS Marine Corp used this weapon
it wasn't a good choise!!

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6 years 11 weeks ago, 2:30 PM

greg az

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thats the one that has the unusual side mounted magazine on the right side correct.. If i remember my mil rifle stuff this was an old black powder round 30-40 Krag Jorgensen..

If its the one i think it is the magazine pivots from the front and you pull back the follower and drop in 5 of the big things.. Never heard it was a bad choice.. Know the story on that, i figured it was just replaced due to the 03 being a better rifle..

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6 years 11 weeks ago, 3:40 PM

Lyle Hutchins 1

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greg az

Yes, side mounted Magizine. Open the door an dump in 5 rounds. The factory ammo loads with the 180 gr. bullet. I reload with a 165 gr. bullet. I shot a jack rabbit at about 100 yrd's!!
with open sites. That damn bunny, expodded!!!! I was shoot'n speer 165 gr. BTHP, stuffed with Dupont 3031 IMR. Maby 39/40 grains. Its a slow shooter @ 24/2600 FPS.
I never load max. the bbls last longer.
Another subject. I have planted a seed in my wifes mind!!!! I said " Honey my deer rifle is well over a 100 years old,______________do you think some day I can mabe get a newer one???? (newer one means NEW!! but never tell a woman that) ; )
Now boys, this is the difference between a want________and a need!!!!!
Read this again!~!! Pay Attention!!!! This WORKS!!!!
Never let the left hand know what the right one's doi'n!!!

Lyle Hutchinson
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read above post!

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How to weasel your way

to a new rifle by Lyle H!

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