.355 and .357 bullets

.355 and .357 bullets

Back row, brass, .380, 9mm, .38 special, .357 magnum
Front row, 90gr hp, 110gr hp, 125gr fnhp, 146gr hp, 125gr lead conical (padre stuff), 148gr bevel base wad cutter, 158gr semi wadcutter, 158gr round nose.
This is what I have on hand.
Sorry about the pic quality, I guess I got too close.

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7 years 22 weeks ago, 1:45 AM

greg az

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i love that round..

Pard has every round exactly the same, all the cases are mirror polished, and both the primer and crimp are perfect.. You can't really tell it from the pic but they have a shoulder that gives them a clean hole just like a wad cutter.. You can tell by my pics on that..

I don't know if this was "the" round that the A/F developed for the 9 back in the eighties but it sure looks like it, I remember reading at the time that it was supposed to be the perfect combination of loading and stoping (for lead anyway) .. I think this was all bs to justify going to the 9, and these are underloaded for serious stuff anway.. think Vaq said somewhere less than 800 fps.. but man what a sweet and accurate shooter these are..

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Posted by: Vaquero
7 years 22 weeks ago

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