357 Magnum

357 Magnum

The 357 was invented by Elmer Keith to handle a load
hotter than a 38spl was rated for.
A 38spl case can be loaded to 357 specs but not
advised so the stretched it out 1/8th in so it could
not be fired in a lower rated 38spl.

The 357 firing a factory Federal SWC has twice the
penitration of a 44 Magnum

The gun pictured here is mine and is one of the
best handling guns I've ever shot


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Good guns

Great looking. You take good care of it.

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Yes Sir will do.
My wife loves it
She is a Navy brat and grew up shooting
dad's 1911
Untill 5 years ago she shot NRA free style
with a Ruger Super Black Hawk 44 Mag
She can score at 100 yds with her Ruger

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"The 357 firing a factory Federal SWC has twice the
penitration of a 44 Magnum"

...man, I need to find some info on this stuff

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greg az

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model 19 K frame..

i have one as well as you've seen.. and it has the three T (target trigger, hammer, sights) package.. I've never had a gun with a better SA trigger.. Smooth DA as well, but i should have it lightened up a bit one of these days..

CW.. i thought it was 1/10 of an inch.. going to have to check.. and while Elmer was envolved with the 357 it was actually more to bring out this piece.. He was convinced that the magnum round could be put in a K frame.. which dominated the LE sales then..

Much interaction between Colt, and S&W on the 357.. My understanding is that was the only time out side of WWII that thier was cooperation.. you know the issues with Smith beating Colt by coming out with a better 32, then a better 38... im told, and have read storys, but still pretty antadotal that the companies worked together to bring out this round.. it first showed commercialy back in 1935.. April 8, it was offered then in the big S&W hand eject, which is an N frame, and the big Colt New Service.. this is the one that looks a lot like a 1917.. They actually offered it in the SAA then as well. Thats a REAL collector piece.. a SAA first model in 357.. wow.

But Elmer wanted to bring out a light weight for the police, and talked Smith into trying it out on the K frame.. The 19 is the result of that effort, and considered by lots to be about as good an all around piece as you can get..

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