35M Puska

35M Puska

Type Bolt-action rifle, Service rifle
Place of origin Flag of Hungary Kingdom of Hungary
Service history
In service 1935–1950s
Used by Kingdom of Hungary, Nazi Germany, People's Republic of Hungary
Wars World War II, Hungarian Revolution of 1956
Production history
Designer Ferdinand von Mannlicher, modified by [to do]
Designed 1895, 1935
Produced 1935-1950s
Variants G98/40, 43M rifle
Weight 3.36 kg (empty)
Length 1000 mm
Barrel length 480 mm
Cartridge 8x56R; 7.92x57 IS
Action Bolt-action
Muzzle velocity ca. 750 m/s [needs correction!]
Feed system 5-round en-block clip, internal box magazine
Sights open Partridge rear sight, square post front sight

The Steyr-Mannlicher-FÉG 35M was a bolt-action rifle,chambered in 8x56R and based on the Steyr-Mannlicher M1895. It was used by Hungary in the years leading up to and during World War II, and after WW2 being gradually phased out by both Red Army surplus and locally produced Mosin-Nagant carbines.

43M and Gewehr 98/40

During World War II, the German army made some modifications to the M35. It was rechambered to the standard German 7.92x57mm IS cartridge, the bayonet socket was changed to accept German bayonets and some alterations was made to the sling mount. In German service this modified weapon was known as the G98/40, Hungary also adopted this version, slightly modified, as the 43M.

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