.38 Cal. Revolver training for Shore Patrol trainees. November 1943 (Great year and month)

.38 Cal. Revolver training for Shore Patrol trainees. November 1943 (Great year and month)

Characteristics of the .38 Cal. Military Revolver

.38 Cal. Revolver training for Shore Patrol trainees at the Negro Service School, Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL, November 1943.

A .38 caliber revolver is a pistol in which a rotating cylinder presents six loaded chambers to the barrel for discharge in succession. 2-inch and 4-inch barrels have been in U.S. service along with a limited number with 6-inch barrels.

All revolvers are cylinder-loaded, exposed-hammer, selective double-action, hand weapons. The revolving cylinder with 6 chambers permits firing 6 shots without reloading. The action of cocking the hammer causes the cylinder to rotate and align the next chamber with the barrel. At the full cocked position, the revolver is ready to fire in the single action mode by a "light" squeeze on the trigger. If the hammer is not in the full cocked position, the revolver may be fired "double action" by a longer, heavier squeeze on the trigger.

Recommended Books about .38 Cal. Military Pistols
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America's Right Arm: The Smith and Wesson Military and Police Revolver

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we'd get liberty to go up to Kenosha. We all stayed in a flea-bag hotel and a lot of the guys would get very rowdy, throw up in the ice machine, that sort of thing. Couple of my buds dressed up like Shore Patrol with the badges and all and began to 'patrol' the hotel--completely fake. The manager was so happy they were there that he gave them free dinners. Word got out that it was a fantastic gig, so next weekend some other guys thought it would be cool to 'replicate the experiment' and were promptly busted by the real SP. Gave us several weeks of laughter.

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