40 cal various ammo in ballistic gel

40 cal various ammo in ballistic gel

Firearm : Recoil-operated handgun with 3.46" barrel length

Ammunition : Various .40S&W

Block calibration : All depths are corrected, except where noted (From 12.5cm @ 607 ft/sec)

Shot 1 - Federal 165gr Tactical HST HP (part #P40HST3). Impacted at 1064 ft/sec. Penetrated to 11.6" (using velocity range of 800-1000 ft/sec from Figure 10-10 in Bullet Penetration) and was recovered at 0.703" average diameter.

Shot 2 - Winchester 165gr Ranger Bonded JHP (part #RA40BA). Impacted at 996 ft/sec. Penetrated to 13.5" and was recovered at 0.570" average diameter.

Shot 3 - Winchester 180gr Ranger SXT (part #RA40T). Impacted at 894 ft/sec. Penetrated to 12.6" and was recovered at 0.617" average diameter.

Shot 4 - Remington 165gr Golden Saber (part #GS40SWA). Impacted at 994 ft/sec. Penetrated to 11.6" and was recovered at 0.661" average diameter.

Shot 5 - Cor-Bon 165gr JHP (part #40165/20). Impacted at '2031' ft/sec (chronograph malfunction). No correction was attempted as the bullet experienced heavy fragmentation - fragments were recovered at 9.1", 9.5", 9.6", 13.4" and 14.0". The jacket was recovered at 16.0" plus the 4" needed to travel to the front of the polyester bullet arresting box. The lead core was recovered at unknown distance in the bullet arresting box at 0.469" average diameter.

All shots fired at 10 feet distance from the face of the Glock 27 muzzle to the front face of the gelatin block. The picture of the block depicts the penetration track of the 165gr Golden Saber. Please note that no preference to any brand of tested ammunition should be inferred by the relative orders of the ammunition, as they were tested or pictured.
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