1 – Line up the front and rear sights. Simply center the front sight in the rear sight (a scope does it automatically for you).

2 – Keeping the sights lined up, bring them onto the target. Set the target on top of the front sight like “a pumpkin on a fence post”.

3 – Take a deep breath in. The front sight will dip. Let your breath out, watching the front sight rise until it barely touches the bottom of the bull’s eye – now hold your breath. (You’re using a natural act – breathing – to establish correct elevation). This is where you get your NPOA (natural point of aim).

4 – (a): Focus your eye on the front sight. It may be a little hard to do at first – you naturally want to look at the target – but focus on the front sight. For some shooters over 40, it may be hard, and some will want to switch to a scope because they can’t focus.

(b): Focus your MIND on “keeping that front sight on the target”. This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP on this list – do it – or miss!

5 – Now is the only tricky part. While you are doing step 4, take up the slack and squeeze the trigger straight back – but keep your concentration on the front sight! Don’t let the front sight wander off the target. You are doing two tasks at once but keeping the front sight on the target is the most important thing right now. This is where practice pays off.

6 – When the hammer falls: 1) keep your eyes open, 2) take an “instant” mental photo of where the front sight was on the target when the hammer fell (this is “calling the shot”), and 3) hold the trigger back (follow-through).

Now RELAX and enjoy the shooting. Learn it by the numbers and you won’t fail. Practice until you can CONSISTENTLY (“everytime asked”) group 1” or less at 25 meters (82 feet).

When you can “group” 3 shots under 1” at 25 meters, (82 feet), or 3 shots under 3” at 100 meters, (328’), you will be considered a “RIFLEMAN!”

Periodically do “Ball & Dummy” to detect and correct flinching.

Bill Davis, NRA Certified Rifle Instructor

25 METER AQT – (Army Qualification Target) – Set at 82 feet:

Hold at 6 o’clock on the bottom of the black – you 3-shot group should be COT (center of target) the middle of the 1” black.

From 25 meters, with your sights 2 MOA (clicks) above POA (point of aim), to get your 200 yard zero, come up 1 moa – to get your 275 Battlesight zero, come up 3 moa – 300 yds., 4 moa – 400 yds., 7 moa – 500 yds., 11 moa – ALWAYS confirm the zeroes at actual distances if possible – GOOD SHOOTING!

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