6mm-284 Remington 700

6mm-284 Remington 700

This guys gun is the result of a 4 year experiment to see if he could get higher velocity out of the heavier 6mm bullets. Each year he built a different gun and shot it in 600 and 1000 yard competition. He was slowly able to make gains in velocity until he finally reached his goal of 3450 fps with the Sierra 107 grain Match King. He was actually able to get 3510 fps before he reached excessive presure signs but the gun shoots best at 3425 to 3450 fps is what he said. In the first four 1000 yard matches he shot with this gun he was able to take 2nd place Light Rifle Agg. and 2nd place Light Rifle score at the Palimino Valley Gun Club match in Reno, NV. After the Reno match he spent some time doing a little load development since the brass was now all fire-formed. He then went to Colorado and took first place Heavy Gun Agg., first place 2 Gun Agg. and 2nd place Light Gun Agg. at the Colorado Rifle Club match in Byers, CO. At the NBRSA 1000 yard nationals at NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM, He shot lousy (He said it was his problem not the gun's) but still managed to bring home two third place trophy's. One for third place heavy gun agg. and one for third place two gun agg. This gun went on to hold the NBRSA light class 1000 yard 6 target aggregate world record of 7.162" for 3 years.

Caliber 6mm-284
Action Remington 700 long W/Dierks Industries Sleeve
Barrel K&P - 1.5" diameter Stainless - 30 " long - 8.4 twist - (6) 3/8" wide flutes
Brake Dierks Industries 1000 BR
Stock Dierks Industries KBR - Paint by Randy Dierks
Trigger Jewel BR BR 1.5 oz.
Scope Leupold European 6.5-20 boosted to 40 power by Premier Reticules
Load 54 grains of Reloader 22 - Federal 210m primer - Sierra 107 grain Match King bullet - 3425 fps ***

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