99' WS6 W/RAM AIR, and extras, T-TOPS- Perfect condition, 425hp-40,000mi 1 of 500 red with LSI vette motor

99' WS6 W/RAM AIR, and extras, T-TOPS- Perfect condition, 425hp-40,000mi 1 of 500 red with LSI vette motor

My muscle car sense new just turned 40,000mi, LS1 vette motor and chassis then sent to canada for body of Pontiac ram air ws6

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Damn John

You're a Gummit Motors man! I thought you were cool! LOL I'm just funnin ya. The car is a nice one. Wish they hadn't deleted the pontiac line though. They had some muscle cars back in the day.

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Good to here from you again, I was getting worried about you. The car in 99' actually 98, I got a tip from a real friend ffrom the old days that is the owner or co- owner of a pontiac dealership here. He alerted me they were going to come out with a new muscle car that should rival the old GTO. But it was called a WS6- Ram-air, firebird and a firebird transam, which ws tricked out, with the then new LS1 vette motor and if you ordered it in advance, the trans-am model, they are only goig to try and build 500 in 99 and a 1.000 of the regular firebird, even with a 6cyl. So all my life before 69' I finnally had a Olds 442, which I dragged race everywhere and it was canary yellow and fast, w/400 motor and 460HP. But had to sell to go you no wear. Never did get to do anything after that because of injuries and recoop time, and left me totally disabled for life at 21. So after fighting for life and beating paralyzation, and even working out again for a little while because I have some fragments a razor blade thickness from spinal cord. But after all these years, I do not think it is going to move now, I pray anyway. I just got tired of waiting for the grim reaper to come get me, or put me in chair all the rest of my life. So I do what I can when I can. Yes the pigs were pushing it and it was the first time I really felt alive sense buying that new Trans-am. Plus it was a must payback to a man who saved me many a time. Sorry for the book, But I got the ram-air for around dealer price plus 100.00, which by the time I payed it off was 32,000.00. But as you can see kept it all these years in perfect condition. Some years only put a couple of hundred miles on it. last I was told, my dealer friend said he had a guy that was willing to offer twenty thousand to me last year for it. But I feel it is a life insurance policy for the wife, or if have too. In this economy I can bail myself out in it. I only have to deal with unbelievable pain all the time and it is getting old my friend. But then later they came out with a new GTO and I do not think anybody liked them. Shelby and mustang took over then, and now the Camaro from Chevy. I like them all, But Had a chance of a lifetime with no money down and payments up the wazoo, but it is mine now and I still get that feeling when I take it out for a spin. But times are just getting harder and pain worsens by the day, did not think it was possible, But dr.'s have been telling me sense I got last rites from a priest at time of injury and told I should be dead ever sense. I am cool and making it, so no feeling bad for me my friend because I know you are a compassionate friend. As long as the lord sees fit I am here and pain has to stop someday, if not I just keep getting use to it and move on. Thanks for asking and kidding about car, next to wife & kids & guns it is right up there with them, I should say! John - Your a good man charlie Brown!

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