9mm Corbon vs FMJ ammo in ballistic gel

9mm Corbon vs FMJ ammo in ballistic gel

Much has been said about the damaging effects of a hollowpoint bullet versus standard FMJ - that which is available wherever 'practice ammunition' is sold. This test was conducted using the same gun for both bullets, both of which were the same weight and impacted at similar velocities. What was different was the design of the nose of the bullet.

Cartridge : 115gr Cor-Bon DPX and Winchester 115gr FMJ

Firearm : 4.0" barrel, recoil-operated semiautomatic

Block calibration : 10.4cm @ 573 ft/sec

Shot 1 - Cor-Bon 115gr DPX. Impacted at 1153 ft/sec. Penetrated to 14.5" (corrected) and expanded to 0.538" average diameter.

Shot 2 - Winchester 'White Box' 115gr FMJ. Impacted at 1172 ft/sec. Penetrated nose-forward to 5.9", at which point the bullet tumbled. This yawing continued on until 13.6", where the bullet apparently righted itself and turned nose forward for the remainder of the travel through the gelatin block (16.0" total travel distance through gelatin). Bullet was recovered undeformed at 0.354" diameter.

Please note that nothing 'evil' happened to the gelatin block, despite being struck with both hollowpoint ammunition and a conventional FMJ, fired from the same gun, at almost the same velocity and hitting the same gelatin block.
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If I remember the "Fackler study" correctly, it stated that basically handguns didn't develop enough energy to make a bullet "tumble". I believe that study used cow, sheep, corpses (?). This gel block display would indicate the Fackler work to be in error or there is some other component at work here. I didn't get a chance yet to finish reading the Radiographers work but I hope he covers it. After all if a FMJ round out of a pistol does tumble on contact with flesh & Bone as much as it indicates in that gel block a lot of folks have wasted a bunch of $$ on jhp/hp etc.... I only put 2 HP's in a magazine anyway. After 2, if the fracas isn't concluded, everybody is behind cover. That's when I drag out my bag of hammers. and the wifes bisquits.

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I don't get this

I thought Cobon DPX was a +P load and this guy is saying a 115 g +P travels slower than a 115 gr standard load? And his DPX traveled almost 100 fps slower than the Corbon factory specs, both from a 4" barrel

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