9mm Jimenez

9mm Jimenez

This is a terrible gun. It was manufactored by Jimenez Arms, the name given to Bryco/Jennings/god knows what other name after a lawsuit and the Bryco name claimed bankruptcy. I keep it only as a reminder that you get what you pay for. I'm am currently trying to fix the jamming problem that is apparently inherent with these worthless pistols. WARNING: IF YOU SEE A GUN THAT SAYS JIMENEZ ARMS, BRYCO, JENNINGS, JUST WALK AWAY!!! IT'S NOT WORTH THE GRIEF!


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Nutty Basterd

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I took the gun nearly completely apart and located many burrs. I also found some mold lines. I ground down on the bullet ramp a little and removed all the burrs and mold lines. I strengthened all the springs and opened the feed lips on the clips and surprisingly the gun performed amazingly. No jam problems, no feed problems, and it fired with decent accuracy at around 50 feet. I was bewildered at the fact that I had made this piece of shit work well. I still do not recommend buying one but with some work, well it got better. I plan on modifying it even more. I plan on removing the parkerized finish, if possible, and doing a bake on paint. I don't mean krylon.

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bryco nine

i bought one for 35 bucks from a friend that needed gas money.i put500+ rounds thru it with no issues.then i bought a spare magazine for it ,that is when the issues started!after many adjustment of the magazine lips i finally got it to function ok.i gave the gun to my father in law for a fathers day gift.he shoots it all the time. he loves it!

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