Ad found on Craig's List

Ad found on Craig's List

Very original:

1959 Deckcruiser Boat, 180,000 HP needs TLC - $900 (Long Beach / DC)

Date: 2010-07-17, 10:42AM PDT
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Some TLC needed, 1959 USA brand boat for sale, 639 ft long, she has plenty of power to pull about 600 wakeboard riders or skiers, in great condition, comes with 800 slightly used lifejackets, includes 6 anti-sea-doo cannons, 4 anti submarine barrel launchers, ship to shore radio, electronics was upgraded last year with GPS and high speed satellite internet. Includes a 50cal machine gun in case a fisherman took over your berth, you can scare them away before they hook you. also includes (4) 60 ton anchors, and an anti-"Hallet on the rocks" Radar system
Cuddy sleeps 750, galley has room for 200 at a time, new engines back in 1978, they only have 765,754 hours each on em, so they are just getting broken in, runs on fuel oil but can be easily converted for like $15 to run on surface oil skimmed off the Gulf or french fry grease (it's green certified). The built in generator stopped working last season, my husband said it only needs a $6 part and is an easy fix....
Paint is a little faded (grayish color) needs a good buffing to be cherry again....(couple hours of work is all) some TLC needed to be mint, these babys blue book out for like 2 Billion in new cond...

$900,000,000 OBO call B. Hussien @ cell (214) 867-5309 text ok, will post more pics once I figure out my cell phone camera...


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This is funny, but ...

It's only funny at first reading. It's well written, but it points up the very serious underlying situation.

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I'll take it, can I put it on lay-away?

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I think

BB-63 was the USS Missouri. I'm not positive, but I think so.

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