Adopt an illegal

Adopt an illegal

EDITOR: I have a simple solution for those who support illegal immigrants being welcomed to the United States. Two state employees will show up at your house with two illegal immigrants and tell you that you are now financially responsible for their food costs, medical bills, education costs, transportation to work stations and any pregnancy expense and child-rearing costs.

If they get into trouble with the law, you will be responsible for their state-appointed lawyer’s bill and trial costs. Heaven forbid they are found guilty of any crime as you then have to pay the approximate cost of $35,000 a year to keep them incarcerated.

You say, “Wait a minute, I can’t afford that,” and the state people tell you that you are already paying these expenses through the taxes you are paying. All the government is doing is cutting out the middle man, the government, so it can lay off more people that oversee this program.

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DC, even the women

DC, even the women politicians have balls, how cool is that! I think!

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