Air Force Amy

Air Force Amy

Air Force Amy is a legal prostitute in Nevada, pornographic actress, and adult model, considered one of the top earners in Nevada's legalized brothel business,[4] and known as the star[5] of the HBO television documentary series Cathouse: The Series. MSNBC has called her "a living legend in the world of sex."[6]

[edit] Early life
She was born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and attended private parochial schools with four brothers and sisters. She was enrolled in acrobatics, tap dancing, jazz, gymnastics, baton, ballet, cheer leading, 4H, and Toastmasters, and volunteered at a local nursing home and handicapped riding program, too. She excelled as an equestrienne, winning Ohio State Pony Hunter Jumper Champ and many grand champ titles.[7]

[edit] Prostitution career
Three months prior to being discharged, Air Force Amy applied to the nearby Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, and has worked continuously as a prostitute since then. She has worked at the Chicken Ranch, the Mustang Ranch (from 1994 to 1997)[4], the Sagebrush Ranch, the Old Bridge Ranch, the Cherry Patch Ranch, Sheri's Ranch, the Kit Kat Guest Ranch, and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch since 2000.[1][7] As a legal Nevada prostitute, she works as an independent contractor who turns in half of her money made at the brothel to the house. She earns US$10,000 to $50,000 a month.[2] She remembers her Air Force career, and has persuaded her employer to offer a Military Appreciation Night, a special promotion of free sex to soldiers.[6]

Around the year 2000 Amy began to branch out in her sex worker career by appearing in pornographic magazines, and a pornographic film, Lesbian Ho'Down at the Bunnyranch (2000), directed by Ron Jeremy.[1][7] Air Force Amy was repeatedly featured in HBO's documentaries, Cathouse (2002), Cathouse 2 (2003), and Cathouse: The Series (2005), about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She was a prominent cast member in most episodes, and called "the all-time top earner" and "the master of the game".[5][8] The "She's Got Game" episode (season 1, episode 5, first aired July 14, 2005), was an in depth personal profile.[9] She also appeared in the 2004 BBC television program The Brothel, on the same subject,[10] and the 2005 documentary Pornstar Pets.[7][11]

God Bless her for taking care of the troops!!!
I am headed to Nevada tomorrow

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