AK Quad Rail System

AK Quad Rail System

We could not wait until after the first of the year to release this great new item. So many or you heard about our new AK Quad Rail that we could not keep it under wraps any longer! So here it is!
Fits Model 47 Standard barrel sizes including Romanian AK’s and Its Variants! Precision machined metal quad rail features a hard anodized finish for wear resistance! Four mil-spec Picatiny rails, FREE set of Black Rail Covers included at no extra charge! Extreme secure and solid fit! Fits most AK47 and variants including AK223 and AK74. First full production run is now shipping and is going fast. Order yours today! This is serious hardware for serious sportsmen!


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5 years 37 weeks ago, 10:34 AM


installing one

ona Norinco AK later today.just have to open up the barrel channel a bit because the chinese use a larger diameter barrel than the european weapons.

5 years 37 weeks ago, 10:45 AM


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5 years 37 weeks ago, 10:51 AM


I have a M72 Yugo RPK

the heavy barreled light machine gun variant of an AK 47

5 years 37 weeks ago, 11:06 AM


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UTG rail

the UTG's always felt a little cheap to me. I put a M.I rail on my Draco. It cost about $40 more. It works fine for its purpose, but still not the quality of alot of the rails they have for AR's. I can imagine there's not much of a market to put a $300 LaRue or Daniel Defense rail on a $400 WASR... and most the people with real nice AKs wouldn't put a rail on them anyway. Atleast these are a lot easier to deal with than the free floats. Just pop the handguard off, and screw them around the gas tube and bbl. Greasy, make sure you use some loctite if it didn't come with any. The recoil of the x39 will take its toll on the screws

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5 years 37 weeks ago

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