Al-Qaeda terrorists are turning dogs into animal suicide bombers for planes.

Al-Qaeda terrorists are turning dogs into animal suicide bombers for planes.

(This is kind of a crappy Google translation)

Le Figaro Western intelligence services have been quietly warning about this new modus operandi of Islamic terrorists. The affair, as Le Figaro reveals today, has long been kept secret. It took place two years ago just in Iraq. The U.S. military has discovered in the cargo area of Baghdad airport killed two dogs, whose autopsy revealed that they were rigged with a powerful explosive with a detonator attached.

These two street dogs were placed in special cages for animals for boarding (the plane). They should have exploded in flight. But the terrorists were poorly stitched the poor beasts who died before takeoff. What has prevented a tragedy, since staff could see that they were inanimate, extracting the consignment of animals to board.

Immediately, the information was communicated to the services of U.S. allies. Pictures of forensic medicine representing the bodies of two dogs and firing systems have been circulated among the professionals of aviation security. And a note of warning was specifically drafted by the Organisation for Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), this organization, based in Montreal and the UN family, which distributes security instructions to all its member countries, including France.

For Christophe Naudin criminologist, an expert in the aviation field, “this case illustrates the determination of al-Qaeda militants who are now trying to circumvent controls terrorism by all means.”

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