For all of us older vets out there.

For all of us older vets out there.

I need to find the supplier for these or does anyone know where to get. Gregaz prolly has one on his black leather vest.

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4 years 47 weeks ago, 12:45 AM

greg az

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Just has Vietnam 67/68 .. wanted one that says "no danger ranger" or REMF.. but couldn't find anything like that.. Do have a license plate bracket for a motorcycle that has Vietnam vet on it.. Brother found us a couple bumper stickers .. just the ribbon.. bit understated and i like that.. on the duramax..

REMF.. is rear essalon mo fo.. only about 10% of troops were "buckling for dust" .. i wasn't one of these.. did have some real scary times not having enough money for bar girls, or jukebox tho..

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