For all you HD Fans & Greg Az

For all you HD Fans & Greg Az

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greg az

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I'd say its photoshopped (by the way, what ever it is, thanks Sam..) but you can see the vehicles thru the windscreen.. have a feeling the real deal..which brings up a couple questions.. side by side and front to back double engines (talk'n hd course) have been done a lot of times.. what i find amz'n is how the front forks could work.. Dual wheels work great with a vertical hub, but but an angle on them (as shown) and somethings got to give..

5 min later..been looking at those forks, and i can see how maybe the pivot point is back behind the wheels, and straight down from the bars.. that would work, and if so even more amazing that this thing actually could be a drivable dual front wheel.. Guess he can tow his car in the trailer huh.. I'd like to see this up close..

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