American People To Corporate Media: We Don’t Trust Anything You Say

American People To Corporate Media: We Don’t Trust Anything You Say

Gallup Poll shows record high have no faith in mainstream news sources
Steve Watson

Wednesday, Sept 29th, 2010

A Gallup poll has revealed that a record majority of Americans fundamentally do not trust the mass media and believe it to be politically biased.

When asked how much confidence they have in newspapers, TV and Radio to accurately report events, 57% of Americans surveyed said that they generally have “not very much or none at all”.

The figure marks a one percent rise on 2008’s record high of 56%, while the general trend shows an increase in mistrust in the media of around 13% over the past decade.

Just 43% of Americans said they now have “a great deal or fair amount” of trust in the mainstream media, a record low, and a plummeting drop from a height of 72% in the mid 1970s.

A total of 63% of Americans said that they perceive a political bias in the mainstream media, with 48% believing it to be too liberal and 15% too conservative.

Interestingly, the survey finds that those identifying themselves with Democrats and liberals are happier with their daily feed of corporate political propaganda, with 59% and 54% respectively saying they currently have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the mass media.

The results reflect the rise and rise of the alternative media and Internet news sources, which are rapidly gaining popularity amongst Americans, who are turning away from the dinosaur media in droves.

In another recent Gallup poll, just 25% of people of all ages stated that they had trust in newspapers and television news.

Of course, this is not god news for the Federal government, given that it considers those who disagree with the mass media’s version of events to be potential domestic terrorists. By this logic over half of all Americans are potentially radical extremists.

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No great surprise

I doubt if any Gunslot member is surprised by this, because it's what we've been saying practically forever.
It's good to see that people across the spectrum feel this way now. They're waking up. I wonder if this points to a strong "kick the rascals" out vote in November, because the disgust and disbelief in the media is tied to the disgust and disbelief in the current crop of politicians in Congress.


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