Ammo selection

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Ammo selection

This is the target when I was checking my Remmy 750 to determine what ammo it liked. I made a mistake though. I wrote Win Bal SP twice. The bottom right was actually Remington Core Lokt.

All were .30-06 150gr. The middle target I did open sights after I tested the ammo. I have look-thru rings, in case you're wondering.

Obviously it liked the Silvertips. Figures. The most expensive AND they are now discontinued.

But this is a good exercise as I've found that rifles "like" particular ammo.


5 years 24 weeks ago, 8:23 PM


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they always play favorites. Were the fed sp's power-shocks or fusion? Ever try any Hornady's spires?

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5 years 24 weeks ago, 6:04 PM

Saint J.M. Browning

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They were power shocks. I was sticking to the lower end ammo to see how it performs. The silver tips were the most expensive. BTW, these are the OLD sivertips. Silver box, brass case, copper jacket with aluminum tipped soft point. Not the new black box nickel cased with moly bullets.

But I try avoiding the expensive stuff. I'm sure I'd get better groups, but my mindset is, if I can get 1.5" groups with the cheap stuff, that's good enough for my purpose.

One day I will splurge though and get some of that high-end stuff. I've been wanting to try a good 168gr boat tail uniform concentric round some day to see what kind of groups I can get. I'll definitely post that target up here. ;)

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Posted by: Saint J.M. Browning
5 years 24 weeks ago
Remington 750 Woodsmaster

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