Another "hero"

Another "hero"

Sgt. Rock, I was really let down when "Arnie" had heart problems and bailed on the movie.
In retrospect, I'm good with it now. LOL!

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Dammit Vaq,

I didn't even realize you had this one up. I referred to Sgt. Rock in another post on your pic of Rawhide Kid. And yes, I grew up watching those violent old westerns too. Funny thing is I have never been a "violent" person, and perhaps part of that is because not only did my family and family friends teach us about gun safety and what was right and wrong, they taught us to take responsibility for our actions. They also taught us that going to jail was not a fun thing. My mom used to tell me that if I was ever smart enough to get myself locked up in jail, I would sit there and think my way out!

Freedom ain't Free, so thank a Veteran when you see one. They are the ones who have protected the freedoms that you enjoy!
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