Another Border Cover-Up?

Another Border Cover-Up?

Death bullet not from USBP weapon?

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- November 9

Agent Ivie
It has been reported that U.S. Border Patrol agent Ivie was killed by a small caliber bullet.
Small caliber bullets are usually in the range of .22+ caliber or 6 mm. Yet, according to a report by Dave Gibson of the Examiner, the U.S. Border Patrol carry a combination of 40 caliber semi-automatic handguns, 12-gage shotguns, or AR-15 rifles. The AR-15 has a small caliber round but, but would the USBP use a high-powered rifle at such as short range? And would that kind of round remain in the skull? And wouldn't evidence prove these things?
This killing has all the hallmarks of a major cover-up.
On Oct. 3, I wrote that the death of Ivie was due in large part to negligence on the part of the DHS.
On Oct. 8 I wrote that the stories coming out of the union and sheriffs didn't make sense.
Now we learn that the entire story doesn't make sense at all.
This is what I think happened. The agents were responding to an alarm from an unreliable ground sensor and they weren't especially cautious. The alarm was real, however, and the agents interfered with a drug load and Ivie was shot by one of them. Chaos ensued.
Knowing that such an event would expose gross negligence on their part just prior to the election, top DHS and CBP managers moved quickly to blame the shooting on friendly fire.
I understand this. What I don't understand is why the Border Patrol union jumped out declared it was friendly fired, before all the evidence was collected?
If I am correct, what will happen to the people involved? Nothing. What will happen to those who try to tell the truth? Plenty.

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