Another - Guns of JMB

Another - Guns of JMB

I don't think this is complete. I think some pistols are missing. Noticeably absent is the ma deuce. They mislabeled the 1917 as a .50 caliber machine gun. Still, it give an idea.

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Happy birthday to you,

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Sionics SAR-15-QR10
Happy 237th Birthday, no not you LLE
complete SI defense a r15 with new ff hand guard,gg&g scope base and leupold vx1 scope
Firing Line Range Masters
Repeaters & Double-Barrels
January 2011 GunsLot Girl Jessica With AR-15 Kneeling
close up of muzzle,and new(asa) free float hand guard
Turntable, hi-end tech of 80"s
Clip vs. Mag Img3
Mteal Storm Rifle System
my first 200 yd 5 shot group out of my AR15 build(40gr bt V-max)
Air rifle and dead coon
Hell on Earth...
USMC House of Pain
US Army Testing The New XM 25

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